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EquiLife Cell Boost
Jan D. (Vicksburg, MS, US)

EquiLife Cell Boost

Alkalizing Vitamin C
Linda M. (Murfreesboro, TN, US)

I feel great when taking it

Calming Magnesium
Linda B. (Auburn, CA, US)
Calming magnesium

The good news it helped me sleep better. The negative I found it excessively sweet. Also I can’t drink large amounts of fluids at bedtime, which is what I needed to do to dilute .

Daily Activated Multi-Vitamin
Ann N. (Cornelius, NC, US)
Daily multivitamin…a “must have”

I take Equilife daily vitamins along with several other supplements. Their brand is the only one I trust to be clean, tested, and provide what it is stated to do

Omega-3 Support (Softgels)
Cynthia D. (Antioch, TN, US)
Omega 3

I am loving the Omega 3 supplement. It's a fantastic addition to my daily regimen for my overall health. I love all the products from Equilife especially my daily nutritional support shake. I don't go a day without it.

Activated B-Complex
Taylor M. (Harrisburg, PA, US)

I use this supplement daily! I can notice my energy levels going up when I take one after lunch. No afternoon crash.

Lunch Cooler

Love this bag and the goodies that came with it

Love the products
I’m happy with everything I have purchased from Equalife

Easy on the stomach

Gives me a boost

Beauty Bundle

Love this
All the products
I purchase are amazing
I’m getting compliments
Thank you

Estrogen Test
Alina (Indio, CA, US)
Great Indicator

The test has helped me address low estrogen levels and give me the knowledge of how to supplement.

Grass-Fed Organ Complex
Alina (Indio, CA, US)
Great Supplementation

Since I don't get the benefits of eating liver, this is an easier option. Convenient just taking a couple pills a few times a day.

Minerals & Metals Test
Debra T. (Rocklin, CA, US)

Can't hardly wait for the results/solution! Was hesitant to cut a chunk of my hair, but great idea, go to the middle underneath... I hope to hear soon.

Complete Stress, Mood & Metabolism Test
Jennifer L. (Scarborough, ME, US)
So user friendly!

I was a little intimidated by the at home test until I opened it up and saw how easy the instructions were to interpret and how easy it was to get my samples! I recommend Equilife to anyone wanting to understand their bodies better!

Conflicting review

The book was great, but lots of trouble dealing with the company and everything is so expensive. I'd order more if prices were reasonable.

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ProStak Shaker Bottle
Starclose08 (Somerset, KY, US)
Prostak shaker

I’ll have this with Me a lot this Summer !!

Minerals & Metals Test
Mary B. (Chicago, IL, US)
Easy test

This was such an easy and quick test!

Easy to do

Waiting on results


Love it

Feeling great so far

Very fulfilling

ProStak Shaker Bottle
Natalie H. (Dunfermline, SCT, GB)
My favourite bottle!!

I love this shaker so much! It has everything I need and different to any others out there.

The Rain Barrel Effect (Book)
Deb C. (Belhaven, NC, US)
Good to know

Impressed thus far....I'm not finished...and some of this info I "know" but looking forward to some guidance on the how's!!

Dr. Cabral Detox
Troy R. (Monument, CO, US)
Skeptic to Believer!

I was very skeptical at first, when my son said I had to try the detox. Was it another sham? Scam? Diet? ... NO!
I have religiously followed the guidance / instructions. I have not missed the 'normal' foods I used to eat. The shakes are pretty good. The amount of food allotted for lunch and dinner would leave me over-full, if I tried to consume the max. I am feeling good. Actually have energy TO talk a walk in the park. Have dropped ~1lb/2days ... which is not what we were going for, but hey, every bit counts! I look forward to having the doctor take my numbers after this detox as my liver, kidneys and heart weren't showing the best of numbers for my age.

Yep - a full BELIEVER now!