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Daily Nutritional Support
Barb V. (Stuart, FL, US)
Love this stuff!

I feel really good since starting this. I just mix it with water and it tastes good! Usually protein powders bother my stomach but not this one! Signed up for auto delivery and I never do that!

Dr. Cabral Detox
catharine d. (Keller, TX, US)
Not bad

Was a little worried about taste since it has all the vitamins etc but it is actually not bad at all i added frozen berries and unsweet almond milk and blended

Kim M. (Rockwall, TX, US)

I lost 25 pounds using Fatlossity. I slept better and had fewer body aches.

Zelderberry™ Immuno Lozenges
Nicole N. (Royal Oak, MI, US)

Easy way for me to get my kids 5, 7 to take zinc with no issues, they love them

Alkalizing Vitamin C
Penny N.S. (Byron, GA, US)
Great C

This Vitamin C is very easy to take. No bad aftertaste.

Daily Nutritional Support
Michele R. (Sydney, NSW, AU)

Daily Nutritional Support

Melatonin Liquid
Vanessa z. (Canby, OR, US)
Excellent taste, great quality!

My absolute favorite because I can microdose for my children if I need to! I like it more than gummies that just have added sugar and corn syrup. Yuck!

Daily Greens!

I eat plenty of greens in my diet, but I’m jot always the best at getting a good variety. This helps me get the variety I need every day.

EquiLife Tumbler
Julie Y. (Floodwood, MN, US)

It is a very nice cup, but too small to mix the shake in. So I only used it once.

Superfood Chocolate Bars
Sara B. (Sacramento, CA, US)
So delicious!

These chocolate bars are so delicious with the tartness of cherry and the texture of the chocolate chips. They’re a very satisfying occasional sweet snack and I will definitely be buying more.

Daily Fruit and Vegetable Blend
Henry F. (Johns Island, SC, US)
Good Stuff

Tastes great

Candida & Bacterial Optimizer (CBO) Protocol
Henry F. (Johns Island, SC, US)
2 Weeks In

Started recently and am beginning to see improvements

Daily Nutritional Support
Henry F. (Johns Island, SC, US)

Great product, not too strong of a taste

Daily Digestive Enzyme
Henry F. (Johns Island, SC, US)

Very helpful product

Super Food Chocolate Bars

Excellent 🙂 perfect for on the go

Balanced Zinc
Annette M. (San Juan, PR)
Great product

Easy to swallow and very efficient, just like all products

All you need!

These products are great and as a Holistic Health Coach, I’ve tried many! Save yourself time & money from shopping around. I highly recommend 💝

Balanced Zinc
Mel (Huntersville, NC, US)
Got my entire family on Balanced zinc!

2 D1 athletes and an NCAA ref, and both of us are teachers, so there is a lot of exposure for all of us. I added Balanced Zinc to each of our daily protocols and we are all staying healthy and able to compete/work. I have no doubt our daily EQU regimen (including DNS) is the reason!!

Daily Nutritional Support
Bettina (Aalborg, 81, DK)
Easy way of getting in vitamins and protein

I really want to give it 5 stars but I just don’t love the taste as much as I would love to.
I do however love that I get my vitamins and a good portion of proteins when mixing the DNS in my morning smoothie.

Dr. Cabral Detox
Nancy N. (Round Rock, TX, US)

Dr. Cabral Detox

Daily Nutritional Support
Patty C. (Lincoln, CA, US)

Love the chocolate

Daily Activated Multi-Vitamin
Wendy H. (Sugarcreek, OH, US)
Multi vitamins

I love knowing I’m getting all I need in one source for the day. It’s quick and easy

Easy directions to follow!

Looking for Wes to seeing my results!

Superfood Chocolate Bars
sophie l. (Calgary, AB, CA)
My go to bar

Absolutly love them. So tasty and delicious

Daily Fruit and Vegetable Blend
Renee L. (New Port Richey, FL, US)

After reading The Rain Barrel Effect, my boyfriend and I decided to purchase the vegetable/fruit powder and the Daily nutrition powder. My GI system is happy. We are 2 weeks into using it in smoothies every morning. I find that I do not snack between meals and feel full until lunch.