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GI Balance
Strong! but good!

I’ve taken GI balance to help with some intestinal issues and the results are amazing. Highly recommend.


Great daily protein shake that gives me full on energy for at least 5 hours!

Great product!

DNS is great! Best multimineral support on the market.

Can't say enough

Well worh the $15 & it goes to charity. I reference it daily. Wish I had this info 30 years ago. Now I am trying to make up for my mistakes.

My favorite greens yet!

I've tried many different brands of greens and this is by far my favorite! Best quality, best tasting (crisp apple), best value - I could go on for a while. Definitely a must-have!

EquiLife Tumbler


Very tasty!

Tastes great

Better tasting then any fish supplement I have ever taken

Daily nutritional support fruit and vegetable blend

We r very pleased with the products that we have purchased. We feel healthier ! 😁

Best way to get your Zinc.

These lozenges taste good. It's easy to remember to get my zinc here everyday.

Definitely noting a difference in how I feel.

Great Product

I just got a new job and have to use a computer all day. These glasses have reduced my eye strain tremendously.

Good Greens

I don’t always eat enough greens with my meals. Adding a scoop to a smoothie helps to supply what I need for balance

Detox Review

Once I got past the first two days I felt FANTASTIC! I can't wait to do it again.

Great life

Love this product so far

Awesome Reset

I haven’t felt this energetic in awhile! Completed the 7 day detox and am ready to keep going.

Wouldn't be without it!

Didn’t think it was possible, but I feel even better since adding this to my daily regimen of other supplements. Great product!

Love the Zelderberry lozenges!

Zelderberry lozenges have a great flavor and are a great zinc source for immune support

Great Omegas

I love these Omega 3’s! I have been using them for over 2 years.

Great product

Happy with the thyroid support. Highly recommend to anyone who needs to regulate their thyroid.

Game changer!

I love this tongue scraper so much. Its high quality. Easy to clean & cleans my tongue AMAZING! Its been a game changer in my oral hygiene. Didn't think I needed it but glad I bought it

CELEBRATING Life and a Healthy Journey

Product is terrific
Simple and easy anxious to see results
Just completed my first round on 7 day cleanse and am starting my second 7 day cleanse....I’ve already got 3 people on the program n I’m busting with excitement. On major information overload!
But it’s awesome not getting on scale yet! XxxxT

So far amazing!

Half way through my 3 week detox and feeling great. It feels to be working and super easy to stick to with no need to cheat.
Super grateful for it! :)

Dr. Cabral Detox

great product

Love this company and love this product. the 7, 14 and 21 day detox is truly a great way to begin a diet or treating your body right.