The EquiLife Promise

Early in his career, Dr. Cabral focused on exercise, knowing it was one crucial component of wellness. After he launched a fitness studio, he was constantly asked what nutritional supplements he recommended. Knowing that nutrition was a crucial component as well, he took those recommendations seriously, constantly scouring the market for new and better options, testing them personally and even validating them with independent lab testing before recommending them.

The results of some of those independent tests surprised him.

Some of the most popular products on the market contained materials other than those promised on the label. Others might have the right components, but in the wrong proportion, making them far less potent. A surprising number contained impurities and toxins above levels recommended by health authorities. Even those that passed his first test seemed to fall down on future batches from time to time.

That’s when he decided to design and manufacture his own nutritional supplements that met his exacting standards.

But Dr. Cabral was different from other manufacturers. He was working with the very people who would take his products day-after-day. They were counting on him to help them live healthier lives. Some of those people were his family and closest friends. That’s why, before his first Detox or Daily Nutritional Support supplement rolled off the line, he made a commitment to never compromise on quality.

This tireless effort to combine the most bioavailable therapeutics from pure and potent ingredients from around the world has made EquiLife a leading global provider of Functional Medicine supplements.

Each of our products had been carefully formulated by Dr. Cabral, board certified Doctor of Naturopathy, who leveraged the best of ancient Ayurvedic Medicine with modern scientific research in their design. Design only matters if products are made according to plan, so Dr. Cabral was equally meticulous in his approach to manufacturing.

He not only selected the best partners in the industry to source and manufacture the products we sell, but he holds our partners accountable. At EquiLife, we test every single batch of our custom manufactured products for proper composition, potency and purity. If any batch misses the mark, EquiLife won’t sell it. That’s why you can trust the EquiLife Promise:

Proper Composition

Each of our products contains the exact ingredients we promise they will, in the proportions listed on the label -- nothing more, nothing less.


The active ingredients are of sufficient quantity in each of our products to achieve the health benefits we describe.


We use responsibly sourced, pure ingredients in our products, organically grown whenever possible. Our products contain no contaminants, such as pesticides, metals or other toxins above our exacting standards, which meet or beat those set by the W.H.O., F.D.A., and E.M.O.

What’s more, we guarantee it. If you try one of our products and it’s not for you, just return the empty bottle to us within 60-days and explain what did not meet your expectations. We will refund your money promptly.

Years ago, Dr. Cabral made a decision that guides EquiLife today: We put people above profits. The EquiLife Promise is one way we bring that to life every day.