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Beauty Bundle

Beauty Bundle

Even if you're lathering on expensive lotions, shampoos, and age-defying products, is your diet supporting your skin? The Beauty Bundle is formulated to enhance your natural ability to have healthy glowing skin, strong hair, and nails. This protocol provides the necessary high-quality vitamins to help you look and feel beautiful.

  • Supports collagen synthesis

  • Promotes healthy hair

  • Helps improve skin vibrancy

  • Improves nail strength

Naturally Beautiful

There is no shortage of expensive products that promise to turn back the clock and make you look young again. While they promise to enhance the volume of your hair, and the elasticity of your skin, these products aren't addressing your appearance from the root cause level. Rather than painting beauty on your skin or attempting to change blemishes, the Beauty Bundle is a group of products that work in synergistically to support a vibrant appearance. Unlike other beauty products , ours are scientifically formulated to help repair and restore connective tissues, hair, skin and nails with the essential nutrients to enhance your beauty from the inside, out.

The Science

The truth is, beauty is more than skin deep. On a cellular level, all of our organs require the correct balance of vitamins and minerals to construct themselves. The materials to build and repair your body are obtained through diet, but low-quality food, high levels of stress, and general wear-and-tear can dampen your ability to create healthy strong hair, skin, and nails. One of the most important building block to maintain your beauty is collagen. Collagen is a structural protein and one of the building blocks we are made out of. The structure of connective tissues makes up between 25-30% of the body. As with most processes, the human body produces less and less high-quality collagen as it ages. By supplementing with high-quality collagen, you will experience a number of amazing skin benefits, but the truth is that there are other key vitamins and minerals that play important supporting roles.

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Scientific References

Suggested Use

Wellness Supplements Included

Advanced Collagen Support
Advanced Collagen Support

The wear-and-tear of living takes a toll on our bodies, internally and externally. Properly maintaining healthy joints, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments can be a full-time job, not to mention that we all want to keep our skin looking healthy and radiant as well. Advanced Collagen Support provides patented ingredients clinically studied for their ability to improve the connective tissues in our body, plus support healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Full Spectrum Vitamin C
Full Spectrum Vitamin C

With so many vitamin c supplements in the market, selecting a high-quality product can be difficult. Without any cheap fillers or extremely acidic ingredients, Full Spectrum Vitamin C is an easy way to boost your immunity with powerful antioxidants and plant-based flavonoids.

Balanced Zinc
Balanced Zinc

Maintaining a healthy immune system is best achieved with the powerful mineral zinc, but long-term use often depletes the body's natural copper levels. Balanced Zinc is a unique formulation for robust immunity, tissue development, and repair that includes important co-factors such as copper that allow for long-term use.

Advanced Collagen Support
Advanced Collagen Support
Advanced Collagen Support
Full Spectrum Vitamin C
Advanced Collagen Support
Balanced Zinc
Gluten Free
Nut Free
Dairy Free
Egg Free
Soy Free

The EquiLife Advantage

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Love this
All the products
I purchase are amazing
I’m getting compliments
Thank you

Terri L. (Muskego, WI, US)
Great products

I have been using this over 3 months and it is a great addition to my routine!

Patrice S. (Milwaukee, WI, US)
It seems to be helping

I've been using this bundle for a few months and it seems to be helping with my hair strength. My nails are still quite thin however.

Margie (Marlton, NJ, US)
Beauty bundle

I haven't taken it for too long so I can't really say how well it's working, but I'm usually very satisfied with most of the equilife products.

Susan B.
beauty bundle

As there is not enough to say about this organization. The beauty bundle can be added to the list. Have seen a big difference since using it for three months. I believe in this Dr, and all of these products.