EquiLife Affiliate Program

Who We Are:

EquiLife is an innovative functional medicine company dedicated to helping people live healthier, longer, more productive lives. We uniquely offer our customers educational content, premium wellness supplements & protocols, health coaching and at-home functional medicine labs to support them on their path to wellness.

The EquiLife Difference:

  • Our products are custom formulated by our our founder, a board certified naturopath
  • Our products are based on thousands of years of Ayurvedic medicine supported by the latest scientific research
  • Our custom formulated products are tested for proper composition, potency, and purity as part of our rigid quality assurance program. 

Earn More Through EquiLife: 

  • EquiLife has one of the highest conversion rates in the business. 
  • EquiLife has an average order size over $110.00
  • EquiLife pays some of the highest commission rates in the health & wellness industry
  • EquiLife offers weekly promotions enabling you to generate incremental revenue and drive engagement with your network
  • EquiLife provides access to an ongoing content series that can be shared through your social network to grow your followers and customer base.
  • EquiLife provides early access to health briefs that provide you with the latest research to differentiate your network.
  • EquiLife utilizes the Impact affiliate technology platform for tracking and payment to ensure a seamless affiliate experience.  

How It Works:

Joining our Affiliate Network is simple! Apply here and start earning commission today. Upon approval, you will be given all that you need to start, including tools and resources to grow your business, an intuitive platform to track your sales and a dedicated team to support you. Each applicant will be reviewed within 72 hours of submission.