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Meet Stephen Cabral, BCN

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Restoring Balance

That day was supposed to be like any other: wake up a little groggy, wolf down a bowl of Cap’n Crunch, and run for the bus. But on this particular morning, seventeen-year-old Stephen Cabral knew something was wrong before his feet hit the floor. This wasn’t a bad cold or even the flu. Something was seriously wrong. Stephen called out to his mom and, the second she saw him, she knew he was gravely ill. 

Countless doctor visits, failed treatments and many closed doors later, he was given little hope of recovery from his illnesses.

In the town of Medford, Massachusetts, on the outskirts of Boston, no one talked about natural or “alternative” therapies, or suggested you could improve your health simply by enabling your body to do its job well. 

If you didn’t feel right, you saw a doctor. He fixed you. But what happens when doctor after doctor can’t figure out what’s wrong?  

Stephen might have stayed on the same medical merry-go-round, treating symptom after symptom, if he had been born just a few years later. But before smartphones filled downtime with text messages and Instagram, waiting rooms were torture for restless minds. Stephen was spending a lot of time in waiting rooms, so he read. 

One day, after finishing his school reading, he picked up a health magazine from the stack on the table. As chance would have it, in that magazine, he happened upon an article about Ayurveda, a healing system rooted in the concept that health and wellness require balance between mind, body and spirit. He set out to learn more.

And learn more he did. After more than 5,000 hours of formal doctoral research, traveling to India and Sri Lanka to study Ayurvedic medicine, China to study Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Europe to study Functional Medicine, young Stephen Cabral became Dr.Cabral, a board-certified Doctor of Naturopathy. 

Through this combination of learning and living each day in these traditions with his mentors, teachers and patients, Dr. Cabral came to see the potential of combining these methods into an integrative wellness methodology.

Since then, Dr. Cabral has leveraged his cutting-edge, integrative approach to help thousands of people feel better and live lives full of energy and vitality through his private wellness practice in Boston, MA -- but he knew there was more work to be done. 

To help far more people than he could see personally, Dr. Cabral created EquiLife, a platform designed to bring his integrative wellness approach to people around the world. This approach provides comprehensive solutions so that people can understand their bodies better, assess how well different systems are functioning, rebalance any areas that might not be performing at peak, and maintain that balance once they have achieved it. 

He also recognized that people are more likely to succeed in their efforts to find and maintain balance when they work with others who share those goals. That’s why EquiLife is not just a company, it’s a community of people committed to living the healthiest lives they can by enabling the core systems of the body to do what they do best.

EquiLife is committed to offering comprehensive solutions, designed by Dr. Cabral, that empower you to take control of your health and achieve your wellness goals.

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