Inflammation Test

Measure Your Omega-3 to 6 Levels to Assess Inflammation
Includes Lab Results Explanation Video From Dr. Cabral

Inflammation Test

Measure Your Omega-3 to 6 Levels to Assess Inflammation
Includes Lab Results Explanation Video From Dr. Cabral

Inflammation is natural. It helps us fight infections and digest food, and maintain a healthy equilibrium. Many things can alter the levels of fatty acids in your body, the indicators of inflammation. An unbalanced diet, compromised microbiome, and even stress can alter the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. If unchecked, inflammation can be very harmful to heart health. But before you start trying new diets and lifestyle changes, first you need to know where you stand. The Omega-3 & Inflammation test checks important ratios of fatty acids in the blood to monitor and evaluate your unique levels of inflammation.

You will received a video from Dr. Cabral that will provide you with a detailed explanation of how to understand your individual results.

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Test Type:

Finding Balance

What is Measured

Inflammatory Markers

The ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids as indicators of overall inflammation in the body.

Omega-3's and 6's are essential in the diet meaning that our body can not manufacture them on its own. Omega-6's serve important purposes, however they are more widely available in the diet, therefore we often see on this test that there is an imbalance between inflammatory and anti-inflammatory fats.

Omega 6's are polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), which tend to accumulate in the body over time. Western diets especially are extremely high in linoleic acid and other Omega 6's. The amount of omega-6 fatty acids found in body fat stores has increased by more than 200% in the past 50 years with the introduction of cheap vegetable oils. Currently, average body fat storage of Omega 6s to Omega 3's is around 15:1

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in animal products as well as certain seeds like chia and flaxseed. Boosting Omega 3 fatty acids can reign in the ratio of proinflammatory Omega 6's.

An ideal ratio is around 5:1 Omega 6s to Omega 3, but we recommend an even lower ratio of 3:1 for optimal health.


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Caroline (. (Chicago, IL, US)
Fast, simple, and organized

Everything you need including simple instructions is included.

C (Chicago, IL, US)

I had to poke myself twice. Looking forward to my results 😊

Jessica E. (Boca Raton, FL, US)
Good test

Helpful and accomplished what I was looking for!

Alphonso E. (Phoenix, AZ, US)

good deal

owen s. (Ashburn, VA, US)

Simple to use and results are laid out really nice to make it easy to understand where improvement may be needed

Still have questions? FAQs

Once you receive your at-home lab test, please follow the instructions provided to register your test. Once sample(s) are sent to one of our CLIA certified labs, it will take approximately 3 weeks for your results to be returned, during which time you will receive information on how to schedule your one-one-one health coaching call.

You can contact us at for general questions.

If you have a more specific question about your sample collection you may reach out to the lab directly to better guide you - each instruction sheet has the contact information available to get your questions answered promptly!

If more blood is needed, wipe with an alcohol pad again and massage finger to assist blood flow. Be sure to use the additional lancets provided as each lancet is for one-time use only.

Please contact the lab directly to help troubleshoot if you have used all lancets and still have not been able to fill all circles: (+1) 888-630-6634 /

No, you may continue eating and taking supplements as normal. Please just note if currently taking additional omega supplements so you can share with your health coach upon review of your results.