Prenatal Complete Multi-Vitamin

Prenatal Complete Multi-Vitamin

Equilibrium Nutrition has chosen to carry this particular Prenatal Complete Multi-Vitamin since it offers the most comprehensive all-in-one nutritional supplement formula.

It’s convenient, easy to take, and you’re guaranteed the exact dosage you need to ensure you get all your required vitamins and minerals on a daily basis!


Product Description

Equilibrium Nutrition has chosen to carry this particular Prenatal Complete Multi-Vitamin since it offers the most comprehensive all-in-one nutritional supplement formula.

It’s convenient, easy to take, and you’re guaranteed the exact dosage you need to ensure you get all your required vitamins and minerals on a daily basis!

Prenatal Complete Multi-Vitamin Benefits

  • Supports a healthy pregnancy
  • Provides daily vitamins in a Functional Medicine blend
  • Provides daily minerals
  • Includes DHA Omega-3 needed for nervous system development


Preconception and pregnancy are periods when it is essential to optimize health and nutrition, both for mother and baby. Research has shown that healthy pregnancies begin with good nutrition during preconception, and it is known that overall nutrition needs rise during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

In addition, factors such as first trimester nausea or morning sickness may impede a woman from being able to consume adequate nutrition to support her expanding needs.

Prenatal Complete with DHA provides the full complement of nutrients essential for pregnancy and adheres to the highest standards of purity, formulated to be free of common allergens, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and additives.

Additional Information

Prenatal Complete with DHA is a comprehensive, hypoallergenic, prenatal multivitamin and mineral blend to support healthy metabolism during pregnancy.

The formula includes folate as Quatrefolic™ - 100% 5-MTHF, the biologically active form of folic acid, to meet increased requirements for fetal nervous system development.

It also includes USP* B vitamins. Albion® TRAACS® chelated mineral complexes and Ferrochel® iron are included for enhanced mineral bioavailability and gentleness on the stomach.

Functional Medicine Targeted Ingredients


Nutrients must be highly bioavailable to improve the body’s nutrient balance. Unlike other formulas, which use cheap forms of minerals with slow and limited absorption, and can often cause intestinal distress such as constipation (calcium carbonate) or diarrhea (magnesium oxide), Prenatal Complete with DHA provides a full spectrum of highly-absorbed, Albion® mineral chelates. Albion® is the world leader in manufacturing highly bioavailable mineral chelates, a specialized form of minerals bound to amino acids.

This patented process creates natural mineral compounds that use active absorption mechanisms in the gastrointestinal tract to greatly enhance mineral absorption. In fact, comparison studies have shown significantly superior absorption of mineral chelates to other forms of minerals.

In a magnesium comparison study reported by Graff et al. at Weber State University, Albion®’s magnesium amino acid chelate had (See Figure 1).1

  • 8.8 times greater absorption than magnesium oxide
  • 5.6 times greater absorption than magnesium sulfate
  • 2.3 times greater absorption than magnesium carbonate

In a clinical study comparing calcium absorption in humans, Albion®’s patented calcium chelate delivered the greatest absorption of all calcium sources tested (44% absorption, See Figure 2).2

In addition, mineral chelates are gentle, “gut friendly" minerals that do not cause the constipation that often accompanies calcium carbonate and other mineral forms.

Albion®’s mineral chelates have extensive clinical research proving their superior bioavailability, biologic activity, stability and tolerance.


Folate is needed very early in pregnancy and it is recommended that women take folate when planning to become pregnant, since folate needs are high around the time of conception.3

Adequate folate nutrition before and during pregnancy supports healthy development of the fetal brain and spinal column, and ensures an overall healthy pregnancy outcome.4,5

Prenatal Complete with DHA provides 5-MTHF as 100% Quatrefolic®, a more stable, soluble, and bioavailable form than calcium salt forms of 5-MTHF. Supplementing with bioactive 5-MTHF allows for the bypassing of steps in folate metabolism, which may be especially beneficial in those with digestive concerns or genetic variations in folate metabolism.6,7


Intake of omega-3 fatty acids is critically important during pregnancy for the development of the fetal brain and retina.8 During mid-to-late gestation, DHA plays an important role in the development of cognitive and motor functions.8

An ample supply of DHA is beneficial to baby’s brain and eye development, however, most women don’t get enough DHA in their diets. Thus, it is recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women consume additional DHA daily,9,10 particularly during the last months of pregnancy and the first few years of life, when a baby’s brain develops rapidly.11


Since iron is critical for energy and oxygen delivery to a developing baby, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends routine iron supplementation during pregnancy, though many forms of iron cause constipation and gastrointestinal discomfort.12 Research shows that about 20% of pregnant women have low hemoglobin and iron levels.13

Ferrochel® iron has been shown to help increase and maintain levels of iron, while being gentle on the stomach and colon. This form relieves the stomach from having to bind minerals to amino acids, allowing iron molecules to pass easily through the intestinal wall at a rate of 3.8 times greater than iron salt forms.14,15


It has long been recommended that pregnant and lactating women take a prenatal supplement containing iodine for optimal thyroid health.

However, only 15 – 20% of pregnant and nursing women currently take supplements containing iodine. A recent report from the American Academy of Pediatrics highlights the vital role that iodine plays in the development of a baby’s nervous system and brain development.

New recommendations reflect this finding, stating that pregnant and lactating women should take a supplement containing iodide, a form more easily absorbed by the body.

Quick Summary

Prenatal Complete Multi-Vitamin is Equilibrium Nutrition’s choice for the best all-in-one Functional Medicine supplement to ensure you’re getting all your nutrients every day for both mom and baby!


3 capsules and 1 soft gel per day or as recommended by your health care professional.

Does Not Contain

Gluten, yeast, artificial colors and flavors


Consult your health care professional before use.

Scientific Research & References

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Family First

Every product on this website was formulated with the mindset that my family and I would be using each nutritional supplement.

When you go into a product formulation knowing that your own family and children will use these products it ensures there will never be any compromise…

Plus, I want only the best for my online community and private practice clients. And, since people come to me for results after failing many times in the past, I have to know that every one of these products are truly the best of the best and will help people on their healing journey…


Functional Medicine Formulations

It’s important to understand that not all nutritional supplements are created equal.

For example, in a Functional Medicine practice only methylated or highly bio-available vitamins and minerals will be used in order to make it easy for the body to utilize.

Not only do these formula get better results, but they do not build up as toxins in the body or simply get excreted in the urine like most cheaper forms… 


Zero Compromise Policy

I made a promise to myself when I first started formulating the EquiLife line that I would not compromise on quality…

Even if a product cost me a few more dollars, I would not take any shortcuts in order to make a product for less.

This has enabled EquiLife to set itself apart even in the Functional Medicine community as a leader in the best ingredients used.


GMP Certified

Besides never compromising on using the highest quality ingredients available when formulating our nutritional supplements, I make sure that each batch is 3rd Party tested for contaminants like:

  • Heavy metals
  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Impurities
  • Standard dosages

This then allows me to be confident when consuming these products myself and knowing that the dosages are what is stated on the bottle.

Again, this leads to better user results and happier customers and wellness clients!


Consistency & Freshness

Another way in which the Equilibrium Nutrition supplement line sets itself apart as the leader in the industry is by always producing fresh orders every couple of months.

Our products do not sit in warehouses for over a year…

Instead we maintain freshness with smaller continuous batch orders along with climate controlled fulfillment centers.

This guarantees purity, freshness, and taste.

This is a difference you can both see and taste with every bottle!

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Laura E. (Spring, TX, US)
No Stomach Trouble

I have gastritis or ulcer and prenatals are usually trouble for me, BUT these!!!! There are so easy. The only thing I see if I have little burp with a citrus like taste/smell. That is totally fine with me. Will definitely try their folic acid once I'm done with my prescribed one.

Eva M. (Spruce Grove, AB, CA)
Excellent High Quality Product!

I am very happy with the amount of nutrients in this product . I often struggle to get enough zinc and selenium from a regular multivitamin and these contain a perfect amount for me, plus the daily omega. Great product!

Lacy H. (Whitehouse, TX, US)

Cleanest prenatal on the market!

I LOVE how it comes in packs per day too! If you’ve got pregnancy brain it makes it that much easier!

Aryn W. (Chandler, AZ, US)
Absolute BEST Prenatal!

This prenatal is a game-changer for two reasons:
1. In the first trimester, when you are feeling the pains of morning sickness, you can break up the prenatal into 3 servings throughout the day. I love that it’s broken into 3 separate vitamins, so that way if I got sick after taking 1, I knew I had 2 other servings to provide the nutrition I needed in that critical time.
2. I love that it has DHA included. A lot of other vitamins do not include this, so having it in one easy to take way was amazing!

Wonderful prenatal and helped me feel strong throughout my entire pregnancy! Thank you!!!

Olga V. (Richmond, VA, US)
Too many pills

It’s four pills to take… I wish there were two at the max…