Maximum GSE (Citricidal)

Maximum GSE (Citricidal)

Maintaining a healthy immune system along with bacterial and fungal balance can be challenging. Supplementing with Maximum GSE Citricidal is a quick and easy way to support healthy immune performance and maintain digestive health.

  • 100% Grapefruit Seed Extract

  • Helps maintain a healthy gut

  • Promotes bacterial balance

  • Supports healthy immune function

    The Science

    Citricidal is a natural compound synthesized from the seed and pulp of grapefruit. The manufacturing process converts grapefruit bioflavonoid (polyphenolics) into an extremely powerful compound. Grapefruit seed extracts have historically been used to help with symptoms associated with gut distress. Studies indicate that grapefruit seed extract has shown to help balance the growth of some bacteria.

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    Scientific References

    Gluten Free
    Nut Free
    Dairy Free
    Egg Free
    Soy Free

    The EquiLife Advantage

    Product Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Gina B. (Portland, TX, US)

    Effective but tastes terrible…lol! 😆 ;)
    I have found the best method is to have my citricidal (mixed in water) ready to drink right next to my toothbrush and mouthwash! As soon as I down the citricidal, I immediately brush and use natural mouthwash. Whew! Lol

    Irene H. (Upper Coomera, QLD, AU)
    Gut Healing Protocol

    able to take this diluted in water.

    Monica C. (Kansas City, KS, US)
    Def mix it

    Couldn't stand the taste but mixed it with a shot of orange juice and couldn't taste it.

    Michelle (Boynton Beach, FL, US)

    Took some getting used to, but worth it!

    Mo (Surrey, BC, CA)

    Using this now on the CBO protocol and was surprised at how good it was. Pretty easy to take down too, takes a few days to get used to! Highly recommmended