Gluten and Dairy Support Enzyme

Gluten and Dairy Support Enzyme

Intolerance and sensitivity to gluten and dairy are some of the most common digestive issues. Many of the highly processed packaged foods we buy at the grocery store contain difficult-to-digest gluten and dairy-based ingredients. There are also times when eating these difficult to digest foods is impossible to avoid. Gluten and Dairy Support Enzyme provides a powerful blend of enzymes that helps your body process and digest challenging foods, reducing GI distress.

  • Improves the digestion, breakdown, and absorption of gluten and dairy

  • Reduces gas, bloating, and stomach distension

  • Supports indigestion by reducing related occasional heartburn or burping

  • Helps to accommodate flex meals, and eating out with food sensitives

The Science

A food intolerance or sensitivity is an adverse food reaction often due to a lack of specific digestive enzymes. These intolerances affect huge portions of the population. Gluten and Dairy Support Enzymes are an easy way to decrease any digestive discomfort from these commonly known hard to digest foods. Taking this formulation of enzymes before a meal will support the body in breaking down the constituent ingredients in the food, easing the digestive process and enchancing nutrient absorption.

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Scientific References

Allergy Friendly
Gluten Free
Nut Free
Dairy Free
Egg Free
Soy Free

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Good alternative

I use the Gluten and Dairy enzymes when I know I’m going out with friends and there is a chance of gluten and dairy in the food. I've noticed that I don’t get a belly ache when I take two pills before my meal.

Love this product

So I received this product and for whatever reason I didn't start taking the product immediately. I have been in so much from pain from inflammation and was prescribed prescription medication. Well I started taking this supplement and within 2 days my pain went away. I no longer take Celebrex. As long as I take the gluten and dairy support enzyme my pain is manageable.. I now subscribe so I won't miss out on taking my supplement .

Great for a flex meal!

I use 1 pill when I decide to have a meal with gluten or dairy. I also take the regular digestive enzyme and I have never skipped a beat when I do consume gluten or dairy. It is certainly something I like to have in stock but a supplement I do not plan to use often. I am confident it works well when I do use it tho. No previous symptoms appear, noticeable ones at least!


I haven't started these yet as I am waiting for my lab results first. I am excited to hear how to incorporate them and how they may help restore my gut.

It works

This nice to have for cheat meal and works well!