GI Balance

GI Balance

Supporting a balanced gut means creating an environment for beneficial microbes to thrive. GI Balance combines three powerful essential oils that work together to promote a healthy gut. Supporting the microflora environment helps to protect the immune system from microbial imbalance and enhance immunity.

  • Helps maintain microbial balance
  • Thyme, clove, and oregano oil extracts support GI balance
  • Nutrients that enhance immune defenses
  • Powerful antioxidant support

The Science

The botanical blend of GI Balance is formulated and designed to improve microbial balance. Ayurvedic ingredients deliver the ratio that supports a healthy environment for beneficial microbes while creating less desirable conditions for unwanted microbes including bacteria and yeast. Western diets are often high in refined sugars and carbohydrates and low in fiber, which has been directly linked to changing the gut microflora. Maintaining a healthy microbial balance and encouraging the correct microbes is a key component of optimal GI health and overall well being. The Clove oil used is standardized to contain up to 86% eugenol, a powerful antioxidant, and potent microbial balancing agent in the GI system. The body's immune system is a complex and dynamic defense system, it requires optimal nutrition and abundant antioxidant support to help promote strong immune function.

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Scientific References

Gluten Free
Nut Free
Dairy Free
Egg Free
Soy Free

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Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Lisa G. (Jamestown, RI, US)
Great product for digestive issues

I've been using GI balance to clear up some GI issues. Great product. Slight aftertaste, but nothing too bothersome. I recommend it.

Samantha S. (Baltimore, MD, US)
Helps bloating

Great product, I have been using it as part of the limited yeast protocol. I am a little sensitive to the oregano oil, but otherwise it has been a great supplement.

Mia (Houston, TX, US)
Helped with my dry scalp

I did the Big5 labs and one of my yeast markers were elevated. My health coach recommended the limited yeast protocol. The only symptom I was experiencing from candida was dry skin, scalp, and skin rashes. I'm about half way finished this protocol and I my dry skin and scalp has drastically improved already.

Patti H. (Philadelphia, PA, US)
GI balance

Feeling better every day!

Lisa G. (Jamestown, RI, US)
Strong! but good!

I’ve taken GI balance to help with some intestinal issues and the results are amazing. Highly recommend.