Adrenal Soothe

Adrenal Soothe

In today's fast-paced world, it's impossible to avoid the stressors of daily life. Over time, stress can cause mental fatigue and more. While you can't remove stress from your life completely, you can support the body in order to manage it better. Adrenal Soothe contains clinically studied ingredients to support your exposure to stress, achieve mental clarity and calm your mind.

  • Supports a healthy adrenal stress response
  • Increases Alpha brain wave activity associated with feelings of restfulness

  • Supports healthy levels of cortisol to keep hormones balanced

  • Helps maintain cognition through aging

  • Supports a positive mood

The Science

Any type of stressor -- whether physical or mental, activates a natural stress response in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. Stress triggers the HPA axis and consists of three stages: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. The fight or flight response releases cortisol from the adrenal glands, which initially provides the body with energy, but too much can overwhelm natural pathways causing damage. If stress continues, the body will enter the second phase to try support persistent exposure. This can lead to an imbalance of hormones throughout the body causing mental and physical fatigue, nervous tension, irritability, and poor memory. Adrenal Soothe supports the body's natural HPA response and reduces the harmful effects of excessive stress.

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Scientific References

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Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
the all natural chill pill

I tend to be stressed on the inside and calm cool and collected on the outside. This is really helpful so I can be was relaxed on the inside as I am on the outside.

Love this product!

I feel that since taking adrenal soothe I can just take a deep breath and chill, which I’ve been needing!

Adrenal Soothe for the win.

Has helped me turn around my high cortisol spike at night and combined with magnesium I'm getting great sleep again.

A must have!

I decided to give Adrenal Soothe a try…now it is part of my daily regimen. It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what it does for me, but I know I feel healthier, stronger, better with it than without it!

Made such a difference

After taking adrenal soothe for a few months, I am sleeping much better!!