Daily Probiotic Support


Daily Probiotic Support

With so many probiotic products on the market, how can you know which strains are of the greatest benefit to you? Our bodies are home to trillions of microorganisms that help us digest, extract energy from food, and maintain a healthy inflammatory response. Daily Probiotic Support provides eight beneficial well-researched strains of beneficial microbes known to survive the passage of digestion, in powerful doses to help promote optimal gut health.

  • Multi-species formula of eight beneficial strains

  • Supports gut barrier function

  • Promotes better digestion

  • 50 billion live probiotics per serving

  • Dairy-free

  • Suitable for even the most sensitive digestive system

The Science

The human gastrointestinal tract (gut) is made up of complex ecosystems consisting of trillions of microorganisms. These microscopic organisms form colonies of several billion units. Through chemical signaling, the colonies can have a profound impact on the body and how it functions. Gut bacteria have been largely associated with overall gastrointestinal function, appetite, weight management, inflammation levels and immune system response.

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Scientific References

Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Soy Free

The EquiLife Advantage

Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews
Rosemarie R. (Visalia, CA, US)
My gut loves it!

Taking the Daily Probiotic Support has really help my gut issues and improved digestion.

Robin T. (Rumson, NJ, US)
Love them

Highly recommended-

Sharon C. (Charlotte, NC, US)
Daily Probiotic Support

I feel my digestion has been better since I started using this supplement along with the Equilife enzymes. I have less discomfort and bloating after meals.

Katy W. (Kahului, HI, US)
Best probiotic available

This is the 4th and newest addition to my supplement regime from EquiLife and as usual, my husband and I both agree that it’s he best probiotic we’ve used. My husband suffers from GI trouble which has subsided greatly since he began using these supplements. Thank you EquiLife!

Gary P. (Laurelton, NJ, US)

Love the probiotics