Intestinal Cleanse Protocol

Intestinal Cleanse Protocol

The gut digests much more than just food. Environmental toxins from pesticides to everyday chemicals, toxins can begin to build up in the gut, causing a wide range of occasional digestive problems. The Intestinal Cleanse Protocol is designed to help you eliminate toxins in the gut and safely remove them from the body, while soothing and restoring dynamic equilibrium in the gut.

  • Ultra binder works to bind and remove toxins

  • Intestinal Cleanse draws water to the colon to flush the lower gut

  • Utilizes a proprietary blend of botanicals to soften stools

  • Includes easy-to-follow instructions

Toxin Removal

Even if you wash your produce and avoid harsh cleaning products, you're still surrounded by more toxins then ever before. Inside the body, these toxins can begin to cause a range of problems, particularly with your digestion. Compounding the problem, few people eat the recommended nine servings of fruits and vegetables in a day, cutting themselves short on crucial fiber. Fiber plays a critical role in promoting a healthy gut balance and "sweeping" out the gut. The Intestinal Cleanse Protocol utilizes botanical extracts to draw out toxins, bind them up in safe and neutral compounds, and easily remove them from the body. After years of accumulating toxins, this protocol is an excellent method of starting fresh, and sweeping the lower gut clean to help you feel lighter, digest better, and restore your vitality.

The Science

A modern western diet is high in carbohydrates and refined sugars. This can lead to a poorly balanced microbiome and a build-up of toxins in the body. The liver is responsible for the detoxification of a wide range of substances and compounds, but over time trace amounts of heavy metals and other harmful compounds can impact digestive performance. Eliminating toxins with the Intestinal Cleanse Protocol is the first step to detoxify and feel better.

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Suggested Use

Wellness Supplements Included

Ultra Binder
Ultra Binder

Ultra Binder® helps enhance the body's natural detoxification process by binding up harmful toxins, helping to safely remove them from the body. Utilizing natural binders with positive charges, this formula works to attract and eliminate harmful compounds.

  • Activated Charcoal helps to bind to toxins

  • Support the wide variety of daily environmental contaminants

  • Natural mild laxative and soothing ingredients that support potential constipation effect of binders

  • Promote safe and effective natural detoxification
Intestinal Cleanse
Intestinal Cleanse

The slow accumulation of toxins and food waste in the intestines can cause discomfort, and make nutrient absorbtion difficult. Intestinal Cleanse is a gentle plant-based laxative that utilizes the herbal properties of various plants to help rid the body of waste in a natural and effective way. These plants have been used for generations in various health traditions to help people alleviate occassional constipation safely without harsh chemicals.

Ultra Binder
Ultra Binder
Ultra Binder
Intestinal Cleanse
Gluten Free
Nut Free
Dairy Free
Egg Free
Soy Free

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Protocol Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Shane M. (Grand Prairie, TX, US)
Intestinal Cleanse Protocol

Really liked this product to help me with the CBO Protocol to help clear more of the die off I have experienced. Highly recommend

Alina (Indio, CA, US)
Clears You Out!

Great option for clearing out your system - especially after a vacation where you didn’t eat the best!

Alicia V. (Campbelltown, SA, AU)
Intestinal cleanse

Super quick delivery. Haven’t used this product yet excited to test it out.

Rebecca A. (Durham, NC, US)
Unable to eliminate

I have been using the Intestinal Cleanse Protocol for 3 days now, using the highest dose and still not eliminating. :(

L (Chicopee, MA, US)
Great product!

Completed as part of the CBO protocol. Charcoal is relatively tasteless. A quick reset that is well worth it!