Sleep Help Support

Sleep Help Support

Achieving balanced sleep is critical for balanced health. Poor diet and stress can contribute to poor sleep quality. Sleep Help Support delivers powerful botanicals and functional medicine ingredients that promote relaxation and restful quality sleep, allowing you to get the rest your body deserves.

  • Neurotransmitter precursors help the brain to enter restful sleep

  • Herbal ingredients help calm the body and mind promoting relaxation

  • Includes 3mg of melatonin plus natural sedative ingredients

The Science

Quality sleep is essential for good health. Rest is the body's most powerful and natural remedy to alleviate stress, and lack of energy. Many aspects of a modern day lifestyle can deprive you of sleep. Before the advent of electronics, exposure to blue was only experienced during the early hours of the morning with sunrise priming the body into an active waking state. Nowadays, blue light is emitted by most electronics and over exposure can disrupt sleep. Stress and a poor diet can also interfere with restful sleep. Sleep Help Support is designed to support the body into a state of relaxation where sleep can be easily achieved. GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is a neurotransmitter that blocks impulses between nerve celles in the brain and in doing so can have a calming effect on the nervous system making relaxation easier.

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Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Sleep help support

Sorry to say I am still waking up after 5 hours of sleep. I also take 2 magnesium, 1/2 dropper liquid melatonin and 2 Adrenal Soothe. Not working🤷‍♂️

Sleep support

I believe the added 5HTP in this product puts me into a deeper state of relaxation to prepare to fall asleep. I don’t have trouble staying asleep I have trouble getting to bed early due to a stressful job. This product winds me down big time.

Finally! I can rest!

Thank you for creating the Sleep Help Support. The combination of Sleep Help Support and Liquid Melatonin are the only things that have been able to effectively help me fall asleep without a morning “hang-over”. I am working to reset my internal clock. This change has been a struggle with only habit changes; the Sleep Help Support and Liquid Melatonin have been the extra support that I needed. Thank you!

Deep Sleep for the win!

I’ve had terrible sleepless night (due to menopause?) for many months taking magnesium and melatonin and establishing a healthy sleep routine. To no avail. Then 2 nights on DeepSleep and I started sleeping though the night again. I am a new person. I have my life back with energy and a sense of well-being back.

I can sleep!

I am sleeping much better and spending more time in Deep Sleep and REM now! Thank you!