Food Sensitivity IgG Test

Discover Your Sensitivities to 190 Common Foods
30-Minute Health Coaching Call Included

Food Sensitivity IgG Test

Discover Your Sensitivities to 190 Common Foods
30-Minute Health Coaching Call Included

Even with a healthy diet, it's possible for your body to exhibit what's called an IgG reaction to certain foods. Unlike typical food allergies, looking at IgG reactions can single out the foods that are causing hidden immune reactions 24-72 hours after you eat. If you suspect that certain health concerns may be related to food, this at-home lab will test sensitivity levels (mild, moderate or severe) to 190 common foods. By taking this test, you will be provided with comprehensive insight on which foods to avoid in order to keep your body functioning at its best.

Test Type:

Pinpoint Sensitivities

What is Measured

IgG Antibody Reactions

Test for mild, moderate or severe reactions to over 190 foods

Measurement of IgG antibodies goes above and beyond typical food allergy tests since it pinpoints the foods causing hidden immune reactions 24-72 hours after you ingest the food. Food groups tested include:

  • Dairy
  • Beans & Peas
  • Fruits
  • Grains

    *See full sample report to see a full list of foods tested
Candida Albicans & Yeast

Fungus that naturally lives on your body

Candida Albicans and Yeast are common species of a specific fungus typically found in small amounts in your mouth, on your skin and in your intestines. Healthy bacteria in your microbiome control the balance of Candida and Yeast. When Candida and Yeast are constantly off-balance, the overgrowth can cause food sensitivities.


Comprehensive Results

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Richard S. (Glendale, CA, US)
Wonderful lab!

This is such an amazing lab and it is my second time taking this test. The first time around I had a lot of food sensitivities so I did a bunch of protocols to heal my gut. I have no doubt once I get the results back from this lab I won't have nearly as many sensitivities as I did before. It tests around 200 foods if I'm not mistaken so it's a very thorough lab.

Lesley Q. (Seattle, WA, US)
Good test, confusing process

I’m excited to get the results of my test, and I’m glad it’s a very affordable option. The test package was confusing. Instructions described items to fill out and return, but are actually done online. Directions said place in Ziploc bag, which was not enclosed. The packaging needs to be updated to reflect current procedures.

Danuta K.
Great test

Easy test to do.

Brea S.E. (Morehead City, NC, US)
Wish I would have know decades ago

This lab was life-changing. If I would’ve only known all of the “healthy foods “I was eating that weren’t so great for my body. I could’ve felt so much better so long ago.

Susanna R. (Glendale, AZ, US)
Greate test

It is so fascinating to find out how our body responds to food. It was an eye opener for me too seen underlined root cause of my problem.

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