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by Ashley Ess January 05, 2021 3 min read

Even if you've been striving for your best health, from time to time you may find yourself bogged down by stubborn symptoms with causes that are hard to pinpoint. It could be your body telling you it's time to detox.

To function at optimal levels, your body's imbalances must be identified and corrected. Toxicities and nutritional deficiencies can cause imbalances that show up in unexpected ways. If left unaddressed, it could prevent your body from detoxifying and healing properly, leaving your system overloaded and with insufficient reserves to bring you back to a state of wellness.

To support the body, it's vital to learn the signs you should do a detox.

The Rain Barrel Effect

It's impossible to avoid all toxins and chemicals as they are present everywhere in our environment. When our bodies encounter toxins, they're processed and eliminated with help from the lymphatic system and organs such as the liver. But when toxins accumulate too quickly for the body's detox system to process, they build up, like a rain barrel overflowing with water.

Once your rain barrel fills more than it can manage, the body struggles to catch up, working overtime and overtaxing itself. At this point, signs of inflammation, or other unwelcome health challenges can appear.

When your body is exhausted in this way, it's easy to form unhealthy habits. You may be tempted to turn to caffeine or sugar to combat fatigue, for example. Watching for these symptoms is key because an overflowing rain barrel can eventually lead to more serious complications. Emptying the rain barrel by detoxing is the best way to combat symptoms and prevent unhealthy conditions. Detoxing is like hitting the reset button on your health.

Signs You Need to Detox

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The liver works to clear the body and clean the blood, working as a natural filter for toxins. It can become overloaded, however, with the influx of toxins that enter our system through the environment, food, water and even household and personal care products. Toxin overload can injure liver cells. A detox is a removal process that you can do periodically to support the body's innate detoxification process. With the right vitamins and nutrients, a detox can support the liver in decreasing toxin overload. Detoxing seasonally helps your body eliminate the buildup of environmental pollutants introduced throughout the year. Consider testing your mineral and heavy metal levels as an indication of how full your rain barrel is becoming.

The following are some signs you might need to do a detox to reset your health.

Food/Sugar Cravings, Indigestion and Weight Gain

Cravings are a sign your body is in a higher toxic state because when the body becomes strained, it seeks out foods that are simple to digest, like carbohydrates and sugary foods that provide instant energy. Cravings can lead to weight gain when left unaddressed. A diet rich in detoxifying foods like raw or fermented vegetables can help maintain intestinal balance. These foods contain pre and probiotics and may help with bloating and other digestive discomforts.

Inflammation and Water Retention

Inflammation can occur when the body experiences imbalances. Some symptoms of inflammation include joint issues and occasional pain, intestinal discomfort and more. Inflammatory and hormone imbalances can also cause your body to retain more water than usual. Detoxifying herbs such as dandelion may help with fluid retention due to its liver-friendly properties.

Fatigue, Insomnia and Stress

Even when you may not feel tired, you may still be fatigued. Symptoms of fatigue include a need for caffeine, low energy and brain fog. If you don't have natural energy when you wake up, it's important to find out why. Fatigue often is a sign you need to empty your rain barrel to lighten your toxic load. Chronic stress is a sign your body is taking on more than it should, warranting a reset.

Other signs you might need to detox include occasional headaches, skin issues, joint pain, acne, bad breath, low mood, sluggishness among others. No matter what your health challenges, a detox can help replenish deficient nutrients and decrease toxicity levels, bringing your body back to balance.

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