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by Joanna Foley, RD, CLT May 24, 2022 2 min read

Since your skin is the largest organ in the body, it's likely the first thing you notice about your appearance. Many people seek skin health tips to help achieve clear, smooth, glowing skin, which can be a marker of good health. Yet skin issues are common and can be frustrating to deal with. Thankfully, there are many skin health tips you can follow to help you achieve the beautiful skin you desire.

Common Skin Issues and Possible Causes

While acne may be the first skin problem you think of, there are many other skin issues, including rashes, hives, skin tags and pigmentation.

There can be a wide range of reasons behind each of these, and there are common culprits that often stand between you and clear skin to consider.

  • A weakened immune system. The skin plays a significant role in immunity and acts as a barrier against foreign invaders. Skin issues can result from bacterial imbalances that arise from a weakened immune system.

  • Advancing age. The appearance of the skin can change as we get older, including increased dryness, dark spots and skin tags.

  • Poor diet. The skin requires a variety of key nutrients that contribute to its appearance and ability to function as a supportive barrier. Following an imbalanced diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies and associated skin issues. Alcohol is also a toxin, and increased consumption can also have a negative effect on our skin.

  • Lifestyle. Smoking is another important consideration when it comes to skin health, as it can impair blood flow and speed up the aging process as less oxygen and nutrients are absorbed. It can also impair collagen production, which is an essential building block for skin and all connective tissue. Too much sun exposure without adequate protection can also reduce collagen production, leading to older-looking skin.

Skin Health Tips

While practicing good hygiene is essential for cleansing and improving the appearance of your skin, the best skin health tips start from the inside out. These involve eating a healthy, balanced diet that includes targeted nutrients that support optimal skin health and appearance.

  • Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body and is a major building block of our skin. It can help improve skin elasticity and protect against premature wrinkles and other signs of aging. Bone broth, slow-cooked, bone-in meats, and supportive nutritional supplements are also ways to increase natural collagen production and maintain optimal levels.

  • Vitamin C serves as a potent antioxidant that can help protect the skin from free radicals, and it's also required for collagen production to help improve the look, feel and texture of the skin. Citrus fruits and juices, bell peppers, strawberries, broccoli and tomatoes are all great food sources to include in your dietary intake.

  • Zinc is an essential mineral that has powerful antioxidant properties. Zinc helps protect the skin from damage, which is why it's a common ingredient in many sunscreens. Seafood like oysters, crab and lobster, as well as beans, nuts and seeds are rich sources of zinc

Learn more about the best nutrients for skin in this blog and take a deeper look at the recommended foods you can include in your dietary intake to support healthy, glowing skin.

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