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When you're starting to feel "under the weather" what is the first step you take?

Many people reach for vitamin C, because it's an essential nutrient and antioxidant that supports many important processes in your body. But of course, right now, it's even more important for its many immune defense benefits!

In fact, it's even been making headlines because high doses of the vitamin are currently being studied in relation to respiratory health support. That's why it comes as no surprise that it's flying off the shelves lately.

Read on to learn more about the many benefits of vitamin C including its role in immune health, plus information on Alkalizing Vitamin C Capsules.

Vitamin C and Immune Health

Vitamin C is a critical building block for optimizing your immune health as it supports multiple functions of the immune system.

For starters, it contributes to immune defense by promoting the growth and function of immune cells called neutrophils, phagocytes and lymphocytes. These immune cells are responsible for attacking harmful substances that enter your body. Vitamin C also serves as a potent antioxidant that can help to balance inflammation, which in turn supports immune function.

Additionally, vitamin C is known for its role in healthy skin and healthy movement. It promotes collagen formation that helps to maintain skin elasticity and hydration and is central to the structural integrity of ligaments, tendons and joints. What's more, by boosting collagen production, vitamin C helps the skin to serve as a functional barrier to keep foreign substances from entering your body.

Research has also shown the protective role it plays in promoting natural healing. Overall, vitamin C is an essential nutrient that helps keep your immune system functioning optimally in a multitude of amazing ways!

Sources of Vitamin C

1. Dietary

Colorful produce is often the best natural source of vitamin C. Consuming several servings and a variety of fresh fruits and veggies daily can provide your body with its vitamin C needs. While a true deficiency in vitamin C is rare, evidence suggests that many people may have low levels, especially those under high amounts of stress and those with a low intake of fresh produce.

Furthermore, humans lack the enzyme required to synthesize vitamin C from glucose and must obtain the vitamin through diet or supplementation. This is why some packaged foods, such as cereals, are fortified with vitamin C. However since vitamin C is water-soluble, the content in packaged foods may be reduced by prolonged storage and by heating during processing — making fresh fruits and vegetables the best source, especially when consumed raw.

Foods with notable sources of vitamin C include:

Vegetables: peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts and tomatoes

Fruits: oranges, grapefruits, kiwis and strawberries

2. Supplementary

Vitamin C supplementation has been studied for more than six decades for its crucial role in immune function. Adequate intake and retention of vitamin C are necessary to maintain healthy levels in the body and function optimally. Current lifestyle factors, including persistent stress and exposure to smoke, pollution, radiation and heavy metals, can raise the requirement for vitamin C even further.

Your Vitamin C Solutions

Since vitamin C deficiency impacts immune health, and extra vitamin C helps boost it, supplementation may be beneficial, or even necessary depending on your lifestyle, for optimal immune function.

While there are many types of vitamin C available, the formulation is important to ensure that your body is able to absorb it and use it efficiently.

There are some options to consider:

Full Spectrum Vitamin C- contains various bioflavonoids including amla and acerola berry (plant-based compounds that enhance the action of vitamin C) formulated to mirror the way vitamin C is found in nature and perfect for daily use

Alkalizing Vitamin C Powder- balanced with calcium, magnesium and potassium to gently deliver a high concentration of vitamin C while at the same time reducing the potential of gastrointestinal upset. This is a great immune booster especially during times of increased vulnerability and also comes in a convenient capsule form.

Your Wellness Begins With a Focus on You

Many people learned the basics of physiology, exercise and nutrition years ago. But, you may have missed more recent scientific studies while navigating your busy life. You can evaluate your own health regularly with labs to identify where your bodily systems are functioning well and where they may benefit from some additional support.

Who has the time to stay current on the latest research? And how can you translate labs into actionable plans without it? Private Online Health Coaching provides the opportunity to help you understand your health better and achieve your own wellness goals in one of three ways:

Book a Free Lab Selection Call if you want to explore a specific aspect of your health and identify which labs are appropriate. Or, if immunity is top-of-mind for you and your family, a Health & Immunity Coaching Callwill help you take steps to ensure your immune system is functioning at the peak, and ready to do its best to defend you.

Our 3-Month Private Health Coaching Program is designed to help you achieve your long-term wellness goals. Health coaches will work with you to understand your current health, physiology and lifestyle, and help you to build a plan that is achievable. There are several options at a range of price points to ensure you get the exact one-on-one care you need.

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