TheraH20 Pitcher & Filter

TheraH20 Pitcher & Filter

Therasage, a leader in InfraRed devices and applications, has created a unique, one­-of­-a-kind water purification system, TheraH2O. After many years of research, Therasage has come up with the only water purification system that not only filters heavy metals, harmful chemicals including fluoride, lead, chlorine, pesticides, and virtually all particulates, but then creates living, mineralized, alkaline, cellular hydrating healthier living water. TheraH2O purifies water through a natural process. What really makes this different from all other purification systems however, is how the energetic quality of the water gets enhanced to make it the most biocompatible water, readily available to improve cellular health.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Pam G. (Yorktown, VA, US)
Therasage Pitcher

I actually travel with this pitcher now and I absolutely love it! The water tastes delicious and it filters pretty quickly because of the large surface area of the filter. Definitely recommend this pitcher!

Sharon C. (Charlotte, NC, US)
TheraH2O Pitcher and filter

I use this when I travel. It's so easy to use and it's great for getting clean water.

Kelly R. (Detroit, MI, US)
TheraH2O Pitcher

The water tastes great!! And I'm super happy to have contaminants removed by the filter

Angela D. (Virginia Beach, VA, US)
Quality over Quantity

I haven't tested the water so I basically just trust that this filter has removed all the contaminants that it promises. I will say it is quite clear and tastes fantastic! And I do trust it if Dr. Cabral endorses it. However! The design, as someone else here in the reviews has said, leaves something to be desired. It's way too small! I'm a mail carrier and my daughter volunteers as farm help here in coastal Virginia in July. We carry all the water we'll need for our day. It's A LOT!! The night before it's a full operation to fill the Therasage pitcher, transfer the water to a larger container, then fill our thermoses etc. then refill the Therasage again and refill the large container so it's ready for incidental use throughout the day. Caveat the filter is fast! That's what makes this doable at all. Also if you overestimate how much water to fill into the 1st reservoir and it does not successfully filter into the clean reservoir, when you pour the water the unfiltered water mixes in with the filtered. Frustrating.
Therasage please make a large in-fridge type of dispenser with a spigot! :-)

Elizabeth (Jamestown, RI, US)
Happy with the pitcher

I'm happy I finally purchased the pitcher. It helps me to meet my hydration goals. Note, there is some conflicting information in the paperwork regarding how often to change the filter. That would be my only recommendation for improvement.