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Still have questions? FAQs

Once you receive your at-home lab test, please follow the instructions provided to register your test. Once sample(s) are sent to one of our CLIA certified labs, it will take approximately 3 weeks for your results to be returned, during which time you will receive information on how to schedule your one-one-one health coaching call.

You can contact us at for general questions.

If you have a more specific question about your sample collection you may reach out to the lab directly to better guide you - each instruction sheet has the contact information available to get your questions answered promptly!

If more blood is needed, wipe with an alcohol pad again and massage finger to assist blood flow. Be sure to use the additional lancets provided as each lancet is for one-time use only.

Please contact the lab directly to help troubleshoot if you have used all lancets and still have not been able to fill all circles: (+1) 888-630-6634 /

No, you may continue eating and taking supplements as normal. Please just note if currently taking additional omega supplements so you can share with your health coach upon review of your results.