Equilibrium Nutrition Announces Corporate Name Change to EquiLife®️ to Reflect Expansion of Global Wellness Capabilities

Company Introduces Online Learning Center and Health Coaching Application

Boston, Mass., October 13, 2020 -- Equilibrium Nutrition, a rapidly-growing leader in functional medicine products and services, announced that it is changing its corporate name to EquiLife. The name change reflects the company’s broader commitment to provide a comprehensive platform offering learning, assessment, course-correction, and maintenance solutions people need to optimize their health and providing expert guidance to help them achieve their wellness goals.

Equilibrium Nutrition was founded in 2018 by Stephen Cabral, a board-certified doctor of Naturopathy. Dr. Cabral originally founded Equilibrium Nutrition to provide a new class of supplements, leveraging the two decades he spent studying and then practicing naturopathic, ayurvedic, and functional medicine. When his private practice grew so quickly via word-of-mouth that he could not add new clients as quickly as they were coming to him, Dr. Cabral recognized that America’s healthcare system lacked a comprehensive solution for people seeking to invest in wellness prior to becoming sick. Seeing this gap, he crafted a broader charter for the company, one that would bring his integrative approach to wellness to the world.

“What we call ‘healthcare’ in America is really sick-care,” explained Dr. Cabral. “Each year, the industry spends trillions of dollars working to manage people’s diseases once they are already sick. That’s important of course, but puts very little focus on what can help people improve or optimize their health to live healthy lives. Today, with the introduction of EquiLife, we are excited to introduce a company built to do just that.”

EquiLife allows people around the world to learn how their bodies work, assess how well they are functioning, course-correct if they discover problem areas where their bodies might not be serving them well, and sustain wellness once they have achieved it:

  • Learning: continuous, free wellness education, helping people understand their bodily systems better. Each month, EquiLife will focus on a different wellness topic, from digestive health to immune function, exploring how different bodily systems work holistically, what can impede proper function, and what changes in lifestyle, diet or supplementation can help optimize that system. This new learning center complements Dr. Cabral’s podcast, The Cabral Concept, which recently celebrated its 15 millionth download
  • Assessment: at-home lab-testing to help people understand their bodies better and assess how well their different bodily systems are performing. All at-home labs include a complementary call with a certified health coach to review results. During this call, the health coach will recommend additional resources that guide each EquiLife client to better understand any areas they may want to improve.
  • Course Correction: protocols, or structured approaches that combine some combination of education, diet, supplementation, and activity, that are designed to return body and mind to optimal function more quickly than lifestyle changes alone would accomplish
  • Commitment to sustained change: healthy lifestyle and nutritional supplements designed personally by Dr. Cabral to ensure maximum effectiveness and manufactured to his exacting standards

Reflecting its broader charter, today the company introduced a new website at equi.lifeTM which features a new learning center and a new shopping experience designed to guide people to the products and services best suited to achieve their wellness goals. All of the company’s comprehensive wellness offerings are available immediately.

For more information please contact:
Tom Gerace, CMO
(857) 201-2401

About EquiLife
EquiLife is dedicated to helping people live healthier, longer lives through education, lifestyle change, and access to best-in-class products for health assessment and improvement. The company offers foundational products to nourish the body, develop a healthy gut, and detoxify and support wellness across seventeen health categories, addressing everything from weight loss to mood, stress and metabolism. EquiLife also offers health coaching to guide each person on their unique path to living a more vibrant, healthy life.