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Day 7

Every time I complete my own 7-day detox, I really enjoy this last day.

Whether you're continuing on for another 7 or 14 days, today is the day you can breathe a sigh of relief...

You Made It.

Another week or two of following the Days 3-7 2 shake and 2 meal format should be no problem.

And if you're finishing up today, I'd like you to just take a moment to reflect.

Think about these things:

  • What have you given up that you didn't think you'd be able to?
  • Did you cut back or eliminate caffeine?
  • Can you keep the daily caffeine out or lowered?
  • Are you able to continue with vegetarian based lunches?
  • If you could add berries, some almond milk and other healthy additions to your Daily Detox Shake could you keep it going every morning?
  • What else has changed?
  • How can you keep this momentum going?
  • As I said before, my goal was to help you reach your goal, but I also wanted to introduce you to a new healthy lifestyle.

You Really Are What You Eat

I also wanted you to break some of your ties to food and to realize you're stronger than you think...

And, I want you to take what you've accomplished and keep going strong.

Although my highest recommendation is to continue with the All-in-One Daily Detox Shake every morning (you can now add additional items), I want you to carry over as much as you can from days 3-7 to your every day life.

Have a cheat meal on the weekend and go out and enjoy life with friends...

But during the week try to earn that night out ; )

Now let's talk about tomorrow.

The Morning of Day 8

Tomorrow when you wake up please complete these items:

  • Take the after photos (front and side)
  • Weigh-in on the same scale
  • (Optional) Take measurements (waist, hips, etc.)

Hopefully you did these 3 items before and you'll have a baseline from where you started.

Remember, it's not all about losing weight and inches, but if that's what your goal was I know you're going to be thrilled with the 7-day results!

And when you send in your success story, please also include your mental, emotional and wellness based successes as well...

I can't wait to read your story and see your before and after photos!
Today's Take-Away
Whether this is your 10th Dr. Cabral Detox or your first, what you will have accomplished over these past 7-days is remarkable...
Very few people even have the mindset to at least attempt a lifestyle change, 2-day shake fast, and full-body detox like you just accomplished.
You are now part of a small exclusive community that has stood up and decided that their body is something that is theirs to take care of.
Whether you realized it or not, you took ownership of you.
You powered through 2 days of only drinking shakes when others were eating, and you passed on unhealthy inflammatory foods that surrounded you on a daily basis.
You Are In Control of Your Health, Body & Life
Please let that set in...
The Dr. Cabral Detox provides every nutrient your body needs to strengthen full-body detoxification and repair, but it was you that set the wheels in motion.
You didn't have to...
I'm sure it would have been much easier to have a few drinks or grab some quick unhealthy processed foods on the run.
But you didn't - you made a promise to yourself and you stuck to it!
You Did It
What that means is going forward you can do it again and again...
And, if you string enough of those days together, you're living a realistic healthy lifestyle.
That's all there is to it.
It doesn't have to be complicated.
Simply try to stay as close as you can to the Days 3-7 meal plan with some additions to lunch and dinner (additional healthy protein, fat, and carbohydrate options) and you can add some berries and/or a banana to your shake...
Then 1-2 nights/meals per week you can indulge in some foods you would rather not live without.
(I follow this same method myself.)
It can be that simple...
And you can do that - you just proved it these past 7 days!
That's it for today and I'll check back in tomorrow reminding you of your weigh-in/success story, as well as a few important ideas.
Until then - stay cool, calm, and collected for the rest of today!