Day 6

The countdown begins now!

In less than 48 hours your 7-day detox will be finishing up...

I've heard from so many people that have said they've gone from not knowing if they'd be able to make it through Day 1 to now feeling better than they have in years!

What Will Your Success Story Be?

It's Not Just About Losing Weight...

Yes, I love hearing about the weight loss and body transformations, but what really gets me excited is the personal transformations.

I created the original Dr. Cabral Detox many years ago for the sickest people I cared for in my practice.

They came in with horrible auto-immune conditions, mood disorders, digestive trouble, joint pain, and debilitating skin rashes.

My goal was to ease their suffering as fast as possible while simultaneously working on the underlying root causes.

The Side Effect?

They were all losing 5-10 lbs in a week!

So now I had a formula for not only helping people rebalance their body by eliminating harmful toxins, decreasing inflammation, and regulating healthy blood sugar levels - And, it just so happened to be the single best way I've ever seen in 20 years to help people lose weight...

It's also why I've never been more passionate about sharing any healing method I've ever discovered.

So yes, losing weight is great, but think about how you lost it and the process you're going through as well...

You're losing the weight as a side effect of removing harmful environmental & internal stored toxins, decreasing inflammation, and rebalancing many of your body's homeostatic systems.

You're Doing It the Natural Way.

Today, I just want to say congratulations (you're almost there!) and encourage you to understand the groundwork is still being laid...

You're still in the process of rebalancing your body (and mindset).

Keep going, work the plan, and enjoy the total body benefits you are now receiving with every Daily Detox Shake you drink and every vegetarian lunch and healthy dinner you eat.

Enjoy the journey-