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Day 3

You made it!

The first 2 days of my detox can be challenging...

No one said getting healthy and rebalancing your body was going to be easy, but the hard part is now over!

It really is all downhill from here in terms of finishing out your detox.

This morning you'll have your AM Daily Detox Shake and capsules and then you'll begin adding in whole food meals going forward.

My advice though is to go easy at first...

Remember, your digestion system has been given a nice break over the past 2 days and we don't want to over tax it with this first meal.

So, I recommend having a light lunch and really taking time to chew your food to a liquid consistency before swallowing.

This allows a lot of digestion to first take place in your mouth, so that your body and stomach have to expend less energy.

Basically, just eat slowly...

And be mindful when eating this first meal back.

Savor the flavors and enjoy the act of eating.

We're so fortunate to have food in such abundance whenever we want it - it's a privilege that many do not share and so I believe it's important to remember that when sitting down to eat.

Here's Today's Plan

2 scoops for AM shake

Vegetarian lunch
(Choose 1 vegetarian protein source, 1 healthy fat, and 1-2 vegetables)

2 scoops for PM shake

Vegetarian or Animal Protein Dinner
(Choose 1 vegetarian or animal protein source, 1 healthy fat, and 1-2 vegetables)

Create Your Own Meals

Simply use your mini-brochure to choose your favorite protein, healthy fat, and vegetables to create dozens of satisfying whole food meals.

The nice thing about this nutrition plan is that you're eating every 3.5-4 hours, so you should never be hungry and your body is getting more nutrition than it probably ever has in its life!

It will thank you with increased wellness, a flatter stomach, improved mood, better looking skin, and a loss of weight and inches ; )

Keep up the great work and congratulations again on making it through those 1st 2 days!