Day 1

Today's going to be a great day...

It's the day you made the commitment to be better.

Whether you're looking to lose weight, get well, or just improve your overall health, you made a choice.

Most people never make it this far... So I congratulate you on taking this first step!

Today's Plan

  1. Take "before" photos, weigh-in this morning, and take measurements
  2. Plan the timing and places of your 4 shakes today (1sc each)
  3. Rest, relax and take it as easy as you can

Today's Take-Away Tips

Today is challenging since you're doing what's called a "shake fast" where you're only eating liquid calories, but...

It's also simple since you don't have to worry about what to eat.

And, don't worry about exercising over these next two days - You're welcome to, but if you do scale it back about 50%, or just do some light cardio.

Remember, it's only 48 hours and you'll be back to your workouts and whole food meals before you know it.

What to Focus On

Today's not about depriving yourself of food or anything else...

It's actually about learning to be content and understanding that you can get by and thrive in life with very little.

Breaking your dependence on constantly eating and thinking about your next meal is a gift you're giving yourself.

Yes, there may be times where you're feeling hungry and tempted to give in...

That's normal.

Just keep in mind, someone else is in your same position right now on the detox.

We've all been there and just know the hunger and discomfort will pass - just relax, smile, and breathe through it...

You may not realize it now, but in less than 7 days you're going to be a whole new you... Just wait and see ; )

Take time to enjoy the journey you're embarking on right now - I know you're going to do great!