Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy Metal Detox

Every day we come into contact with toxic heavy metals. From the food we eat and the water we drink, to air pollution and exposure through certain medications, metals like mercury, lead, and chromium can have negative and ongoing impacts on your health. EquiLife's Heavy Metal Detox uses three powerful products which seek out harmful toxins, so they can be safely and effectively removed from your body.

  • Contains a potent herbal blend which attaches to metal toxins
  • Uses biofilm disruptors to infiltrate harmful microbes
  • Leverages powerful binding agents that bond to toxins
  • Boosts detoxification pathways for safe & effective removal
  • Easy-to-follow instructions

Heavy Duty Detox

The world is full of toxins, and even though we try our best to avoid them, we inevitably come into contact with harsh compounds. Heavy metals can be found in trace amounts in drinking water, electronic products, and even sometimes in the air we breathe! While we cannot avoid coming into contact with heavy metals, we can ensure that our body is provided with the tools it needs to seek out, disrupt, and remove toxins. The Heavy Metal Detox uses a three-step process to effectively and safely remove harmful toxins. First, potent herbs go to work, seeking out and attaching to metal toxins. Next, targeted enzymes disrupt the protective biofilms around the toxins, so that in the final step, bonding agents can attach to the toxins for safe and effective removal through our detoxification pathways. This protocol also ensures the body is getting the proper antioxidants and nutrients that boost detoxification, specifically phase 2 liver detox.

The Science

Heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, and lead are well known and have a reputation for causing harm. On a regular day, you may encounter heavy metals before you've even left the house. Small amounts of heavy metals are present in the food we eat, the water we drink, and even out of the air we breathe. Unlike other toxins, heavy metals do not degrade over time. This leads to an accumulation throughout the food chain, becoming more present in fish. If our bodies are not functioning properly, these elements can rise to toxic levels. The chemical structures of metals make them prone to latching onto lipids and proteins, causing oxidative stress and a range of other health issues. The Heavy Metal Detox provides your body with ingredients that bind to heavy metals. These powerful chelating agents have an opposite charge to that of the metals, attracting and binding to them so that they can be eliminated naturally through urine and stool.

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Wellness Supplements Included

Heavy Metal Detox
Heavy Metal Detox

EquiLife's Heavy Metal Detox uses a powerful and potent blend of herbs, including; Chlorella, Cilantro, Spirulina, Bladderwrack, Dandelion, and Milk Thistle that act as chelating agents for toxic heavy metals present in the body. The process of chelation refers to a natural bonding that occurs between these herbal compounds and heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, and lead. Once the herbal compounds have bonded to the toxins, other supplements will be able to safely support removal of toxins safely from the body.

Universal Binder
Universal Binder

Enhance your body's ability to safely remove toxins with EquiLife's Universal Binder™. This remarkable formula leverages Bentonite Clay, Humic and Fulvic Acids, Apple Pectin, and Carbonized Activated Charcoal to bind to harmful toxins, increasing the safety and speed at which they are removed from the body. Plus, TUDCA & taurine help open up liver detox pathways for easy and safe elimination of toxins.


Biofilms are colonies of bacteria that pose many challenges to immunity and digestion. FloraFilm is a natural blend of enzymes that helps disrupt and dissolve these biofilms of unwanted bacteria and fungus to aid digestion and improve gut health.

Heavy Metal Detox
Heavy Metal Detox
Heavy Metal Detox
Universal Binder
Heavy Metal Detox
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Wendy (Steubenville, OH, US)
easiest protocol ever

This protocol is probably the easiest one I've ever completed. Good to know my body is getting rid of many of the toxins I'm exposed to. Definitely will be doing this once a year to stay healthy.

W.A. (Stephens City, VA, US)

After watching several of Dr. Cabral's videos, I knew he was a trusted source of information for natural health and well-being. Upon ordering the Heavy Metal Test and getting the Detox program, the interaction with the provided health coach confirmed that Equilife was a reliable and informed company that I could trust. I anticipate good results!

Amy V. (Castle Rock, CO, US)
Life-Changing Product (Heavy Metal Detox by EquiLife)

At the recommendation of my functional health team, I started the Heavy Metal Detox from EquiLife, and it has been life-changing. AND I'm only on Week #2! Though I wasn't feeling bad when I was diagnosed with heavy metal toxicity, I am feeling incredibly better right now. Who would have guessed?!

Thank you, EquiLife, for this healthy, natural way to detox from heavy metals.

I'm forever grateful to you!!!

Sam C. (Victor, ID, US)
Use this every year

I have used the heavy metal detox 3 times now and always get good results and will continue to use it every year to get my aluminum down.

Cheryl (Gold Hill, OR, US)
Heavy Metal Detox...Super Easy and Effective way to detox!

I love this new Heavy Metal Detox kit! It is super easy and effective to use. I tested for heavy metals and my copper came back at 7.7..b/c we have hard well water and copper plumbing. No wonder I wasn't feeling well lately!! We recently had our plumbing redone and I am on the Heavy Metal Detox. With only 3 bottles in the kit, it is super easy to use and remember how to use it. I think I already am feeling better! This is such a great product with all of the right ingredients made by a great company backed by science and made in the USA. I highly recommend this product!!