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TheraH20 Pitcher & Filter


TheraH20 Pitcher & Filter

Therasage, a leader in InfraRed devices and applications, has created a unique, one­-of­-a-kind water purification system, TheraH2O. After many years of research, Therasage has come up with the only water purification system that not only filters heavy metals, harmful chemicals including fluoride, lead, chlorine, pesticides, and virtually all particulates, but then creates living, mineralized, alkaline, cellular hydrating healthier living water. TheraH2O purifies water through a natural process. What really makes this different from all other purification systems however, is how the energetic quality of the water gets enhanced to make it the most biocompatible water, readily available to improve cellular health.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Susan N. (Clarkesville, GA, US)
TheraH10 filter and pitcher

I love it! Very easy to use and the water tastes great! I love knowing I am furnishing my body with the best water!

Jackie P. (Sonoma, CA, US)
So convenient

I love this pitcher. It was easy to set up with the filter, the water filters quickly and tastes so fresh and clean!

Grandma L. (Ontario, CA, US)
Therasage-H2O Pitcher is a wise choice and “Thera” When I Need

TheraH2O is the greatest water filter system I have ever owned and I faithfully filter my water with it whetherI am at home or taking it on a trip with me! It safely purifies the water I drink and also use to wash my hair. It is easy to carry and has great directions for its use and care. My water from the pitcher is pure and tastes clean, fresh and safe. I’m thinking of buying one for my best friend who purchases bottled drinking water. I will share with her all the different ways that I like to use my TheraH2O pitcher.
Grandma Lorene
‘Water’ you using to filter your water?

Pam G. (Yorktown, VA, US)
Therasage Pitcher

I actually travel with this pitcher now and I absolutely love it! The water tastes delicious and it filters pretty quickly because of the large surface area of the filter. Definitely recommend this pitcher!

Sharon C. (Charlotte, NC, US)
TheraH2O Pitcher and filter

I use this when I travel. It's so easy to use and it's great for getting clean water.