Daily Hair Support

Daily Hair Support

Thinning hair is one of the most common signs of aging, and also one of the most visible which can make it extremely distressing. Daily Hair Support is a cutting-edge formula that utilizes the most up-to-date science to stop hair loss, increase thickness, and help you grow strong resilient hair. Key Ayurvedic herbs help to reign in hormonal imbalances and decrease stress. Daily Hair Support also provides trace minerals and vitamins that help your body to start growing vibrant, beautiful hair.

  • Enhances Hair Thickness

  • Supports Healthy Hair

  • Enhances Hair Strength

  • Clinically Studied Ingredients

The Science

After the age of 21, two-thirds of men will start to notice hair loss. By age 50, that 85% of men will see reductions in hair growth, volume, and thickness. And although hair loss starts earlier in men, up to 80% of women also report hair thinning as they age. With our hair being so closely tied to our visual identity, it's no wonder that changes in thickness, strength and overall vitality can be upsetting to both men and women alike.

There are many culprits responsible for hair loss. Hormonal imbalances greatly influence the way hair grows. Hair follicles on the scalp are extremely sensitive to the presence of certain hormones like dihydrotestosterone. Stress, which wreaks havoc in all areas of the body, is especially harmful to hair. Daily Hair Support is formulated with adaptogenic herbs that can help balance hormones while bolstering your body's response to stress.

Balancing your stress, hormonal, and inflammatory response can help reduce hair loss. But Daily Hair Support goes a step further, providing the necessary ingredients that your body needs to build healthy, thick, strong hair

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Scientific References

Gluten Free
Nut Free
Dairy Free
Egg Free
Soy Free

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Samantha M. (Scottsdale, AZ, US)
not sure yet

I have no idea if this has had any positive impact on my hair. i will wait until i have used all the supplement

Jennifer G. (Waltham, MA, US)
Amazing supplement

I have been taking this supplement after experiencing some hair damage and I have never seen my hair grow so thick and shiny and healthy! I highly recommend!

GinnyD (Glenwood, MD, US)
Seems to be working

I’m just starting the 2nd month and there is considerable regrowth. I also take EquiLife collegian and DNS so it seems one or all products are helping to stop shedding and regrowing new hair. My nails and skin appear to be improving as well.

Lisa W. (Bountiful, UT, US)
Waiting to see!

Just started my husband on this...waiting for the results!

Monica Y. (Racine, WI, US)
Love it!

Noticed a lot less hair shedding !