Sinus Support

Sinus Support

The sinuses are important pathways between the outside world and the body's internal environment. Keeping your sinuses in good condition is critical in maintaining good health and feeling well. Sinus Support is a blend of powerful herbs, antioxidants, and amino acids designed to reduce mucus while simultaneously boosting the immune system.

  • Boosts immune response

  • Aids in the breakdown of mucus

  • Helps soothe the sinus

  • Promotes clear nasal passages

The Science

The sinuses are one of the major interfaces between the external world and the internal environment of the body. Sinus Support is a unique nutrient and botanical formulation providing effective support for upper respiratory challenges. Standardized botanical extracts and nutrients support sinus health by reducing the viscosity of mucus, clearing airway passages, and promoting nasal microbial and inflammatory balance. N-acetyl-cystine is an amino acid that is included to promote regular respiratory function as well as modifying the viscosity of mucus in the sinuses. Bromelain, an enzyme that is not produced naturally in the body and is found in pineapple also has mucosal modifying properties.

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Allergy Friendly
Gluten Free
Nut Free
Dairy Free
Egg Free
Soy Free

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Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Game Changer!

I don't usually write reviews but felt compelled. I am finally feeling what it's like to be able to breathe through my nose again. :) I have been stuffy for so long that I don't think I even knew what it felt like to not be stuffy. Oh, and I can also hear! I can feel my ears opening up. It took me a few days to determine if this is what was actually doing it and yup- sure is! Like I said, game changer. You won't regret if you have clogged sinuses or ears or anything relating to Eustachian tube dysfunction. The only thing that has helped me in the past is flonase, nasalcort etc etc except it also gave me perioral dermatitis. Not fun. Looks like acne but was actually caused by my nasal "steroid." Yikes. Never realized that's what it was until my dermatologist told me. If you're considering buying this it's well worth the money and WAYY better than allergy medication (liver) and nasal steroids. You won't regret!

Instant results⭐️

I have used prescription and otc sinus medications for years and they have not done what this product did after the first dose. My issues associated with constant sinus drainage and post nasal drip are gone! This product is amazing! I will never be without :)

Great supplement

For years I struggled with sinus and mucous issues. Used over the counter drugs and nose sprays always leaving me feel tired and weird. Thought I would try this product when I saw it and I take one and 25 minutes later is clears my head and stops the mucous which has gotten worse in the last few years. So incredibly thankful for this supplement.



Cleared my sinuses

I had congestion in the back of my nose for a month. I took one sinus support everyday for 6 days and my congestion cleared up. Great product, Im glad I gave it a try.