Thera360 Plus Full Spectrum IR Sauna

Thera360 Plus Full Spectrum IR Sauna

Therasage has created the best personal InfraRed sauna, staying true to our mission to bring the highest quality products, that actually heal, to the market at affordable prices! The Thera360™ featuring TheraFusion™ InfraRed technology has completely revolutionized personal health products with its patented, InfraRed personal portable sauna. Featuring our proprietary and exclusive Natural Earth Element, full-spectrum InfraRed heating panels (created with Tourmaline gemstones) to generate an abundance of negative ions. These panels bathe your body from every angle in gentle, full-spectrum, InfraRed frequencies and negative ions, with no exposure to harmful EMFs, ELFs and RFs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jesse B. (Fulshear, TX, US)
Okay, but cheap chair

Just got this about 2 weeks ago so still getting used to it. My wife was skeptical but I made her try it and her hot flashes seemed to have gone away. After looking up research, the heat can actually help with hot flashes.

I'm going to keep trying it to see improvements but new at this so maybe not sensitive like others on the benefits it is providing yet.

One gripe is the chair is cheaply made and broke after only 2 weeks of use. I was sitting in it and it gave way to the side...luckily I had the unit next to a wall to catch myself. The cross pieces are not well attached/glued at all. I ended up doing a leg fix by drilling screws into the sides of the bigger cross piece and then reinforced with my own 1" x 2" board on the other. This has re-stabilized it for now without having to brace the top (the thing with the smile on it). Terrible design and without a good chair (or chair recommendation), seems a bit pointless to use this sauna. I'll probably do research to see if there is a better chair for purchase that can hold up while being comfortable too.

Rick W. (Peoria, IL, US)
Very good, could be better.

Overall, the sauna works pretty good. Heats up quickly and the accessories it comes with are awesome. Especially, the red light therapy included.
My only gripe is the construction. The sides are starting to crease and collapse in on the top of the sides after only a couple weeks and the bottom front loses a considerable amount of heat.
To be fair, this is my first experience with a personal sauna like this. Could just be an issue with all of them, but for the price, could have a little better construction.

Lindsey (Cincinnati, OH, US)
Great addition to my healing journey

So happy I purchased this, it feels amazing on my bones, and really helps open up my drainage pathways.

Kelli S. (Sacramento, CA, US)
Great product, worth the investment!

I had never been interested in using saunas in the past, but since learning about the benefits of using a sauna, I am absolutely obsessed with this product. It is easy to set up and use, and heats up very quickly. I feel wonderful after I use my sauna.

Terri P. (Pagosa Springs, CO, US)
Amazing Personal Sauna

Arrived quickly. Well packed.
Easier to set up than I thought!
Got inside and was pretty blown away.
2nd and 3rd time…. Very surprised in a pleasant way!
Sleep is better and I don’t think it is a coincidence!