Immunity Protocol

Immunity Protocol

Keeping our immune system strong has never been more important. Knowing how to keep our natural defenses primed, however, can be confusing. The Immunity Protocol provides three powerful, immune-boosting nutrients that work together to bolster immune response. This protocol takes the guesswork out of supporting your immune health and is perfect for regular health maintenance, travel or for seasonal use.

  • A powerful way to boost your natural defenses

  • Three easy products to support robust immune health

  • Provides excellent sources of key vitamins and minerals

Boosting Immune Response

We never want to wait until we aren't feeling our best to start focusing on our immune health. Our Immunity Protocol allows you to take a proactive approach to staying well with extensively researched ingredients that work synergistically with many systems in the body to support optimal immune function. You can rest easy knowing your body is well-supported with the highest quality products available.

The Science

Every day, the body's immune system is busy combating a variety of stressors. In order to be as effective as possible against these stressors, your body needs the right support in the form of key nutrient reserves. Each of the vitamins provided in the Immunity Protocol provide individual benefits when it comes to a strong immune response, and also work synergistically for increased benefit when taken together.

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Suggested Use

Wellness Supplements Included

Alkalizing Vitamin C
Alkalizing Vitamin C

Supplementing with Vitamin C is crucial to maintain a robust immune system, yet most Vitamin C supplements are highly acidic and can cause GI upset. Alkalizing Vitamin C is a powerful immune booster balanced with the benefits of added calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These alkaline minerals help to reduce possible stomach upset by balancing acidity levels, making for an easier supplementaion.

Vitamin D3: High-Potency Liquid
Vitamin D3: High-Potency Liquid

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Ensuring your immune system is robust is crucial, but obtaining enough high-quality Vitamin D through the diet or sunshine alone can be difficult if not impossible. Vitamin D3: High-Potency Liquid is a convenient, high-potency liquid formula to quickly and easily add the benefits of Vitamin D3 to your day. This easy to digest, fat-soluble formulation tastes good and has been proven to enhance absorbtion and utilization in the body.

Balanced Zinc
Balanced Zinc

Maintaining a healthy immune system is best achieved with the powerful mineral zinc, but long-term use often depletes the body's natural copper levels. Balanced Zinc is a unique formulation for robust immunity, tissue development, and repair that includes important co-factors such as copper that allow for long-term use.

Alkalizing Vitamin C
Alkalizing Vitamin C
Alkalizing Vitamin C
Vitamin D3: High-Potency Liquid
Alkalizing Vitamin C
Balanced Zinc
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Gluten Free
Nut Free
Dairy Free
Egg Free
Soy Free

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Rebekah S. (Detroit, MI, US)

Immunity Protocol

Emily B. (Plainville, IN, US)
vitamin c

The vitamin c powder tastes great not mixed, the flavor disappears when mixed in water and is just ok. Otherwise, no complaints I'm assuming its working. I believe it helped us get over a minor cold.

Angie (Wichita, KS, US)

Makes me feel great!

Samuel S. (Montreal, QC, CA)
Great for immunity

I’ve used this protocol for months and it helps with my immune system! I am very glad I purchased

Immunity protocol

In today's times it's vital to keep our immune system strong. This product helps to achieve this.