CBO Finisher

CBO Finisher

The CBO Finisher Protocol is the next step in promoting a healthy and rebalanced gut. After finishing the CBO Protocol, the CBO Finisher helps the body to seal tight junctions in the gut while soothing occasional discomfort. Combined with powerful probiotics, the CBO Finisher Protocol provides the necessary second step to rebalancing and repopulating the gut with beneficial microbes.

  • Supports barrier functioning of gastrointestinal (GI) lining

  • Helps to seal up permeability of the intestinal lining

  • Soothes GI discomfort

  • Supports the integrity of the GI cell walls

  • Multi-species formula of eight beneficial strains of probiotics

Gut Restoration

Many things can upset and unbalance your gut microbiome. The complex interplay of thousands of species and trillions of individual micro-organisms has a dramatic impact on the way we digest food and extract energy. But if your gut has recently undergone a dramatic change, due to stress, changes in diet, or a new probiotic regimen; you might need additional support to set the foundation of a new healthy gut. The CBO Finisher is designed to assist your gut as it reacclimates. With soothing herbal ingredients and compounds that help seal gut junctions, the CBO Finisher can help your gut feel better while introducing high-quality probiotics, to ensure long-term success.

The Science

The gastrointestinal (GI) lining of the digestive tract is made up of a layer of cells called the epithelium. While the CBO Protocol works to rebalance unwanted microbes, the CBO Finisher is designed to support and improve the health of the gut barriers. If the epithelium is not functioning properly it can allow unwanted toxins, microbes, or food particles to pass directly into the body leading to discomfort. The CBO Finisher provides botanical ingredients like aloe vera and L-glutamine that help to seal the walls of the gut.

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Suggested Use

Wellness Supplements Included

Healthy Gut Support
Healthy Gut Support

In order to address the root causes of GI discomfort, many supplements focus solely on diet and probiotics while ignoring GI maintenance. Healthy Gut Support is designed to seal and soothe the gut lining, using specific nutrients to facilitate normal gut function. Healthy Gut Support improves digestion and absorption while minimizing unwanted toxins, microbes, or food particles from permeation

Daily Probiotic Support
Daily Probiotic Support

With so many probiotic products on the market, how can you know which strains are of the greatest benefit to you? Our bodies are home to trillions of microorganisms that help us digest, extract energy from food, and maintain a healthy inflammatory response. Daily Probiotic Support provides eight beneficial well-researched strains of beneficial microbes known to survive the passage of digestion, in powerful doses to help promote optimal gut health.

Healthy Gut Support
Healthy Gut Support
Healthy Gut Support
Daily Probiotic Support
Gluten Free
Nut Free
Dairy Free
Egg Free
Soy Free

The EquiLife Advantage

Protocol Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Janice G. (Durham, NC, US)
Happy Gut

I finished the Limited Yeast Protocol and now working on sealing my gut with these products. Feeling healthy with no more stomach issues!

Elizabeth D. (Fairborn, OH, US)

This has been life changing. I feel so great and I am so glad I was able to do this.

Reiley S. (Denver, CO, US)
Best Candida protocol out there

I just completed my 90 day CBO protocol and I am feeling fantastic! I no longer get bloated after meals and my gut has never felt more amazing. Still have some work to do, but I am so excited about my progress. Currently working through the CBO finisher to seal my gut. Would recommend to anyone experiencing excessive gas/bloating upon eating!

Susan H. (Pompano Beach, FL, US)

i used this after my CBO protocol. i continue to use daily in my morning smoothie. i think it has made a difference on the overall health of my gut. i love the taste, texture and it settles my stomach in the morning

Melissa M. (Vancouver, BC, CA)
Same grate taste as DNS

Just getting started with the finisher but so far I have zero complaints. It's the same high quality as all the other products I have purchased from eqiu life. The taste and the texture are great and switching to less supplements is a nice bonus. This entire protocol has been a huge asset for my digestive issues.