Healthy Gut Support

Healthy Gut Support

In order to address the root causes of GI discomfort, many supplements focus solely on diet and probiotics while ignoring GI maintenance. Healthy Gut Support is designed to seal and soothe the gut lining, using specific nutrients to facilitate normal gut function. Healthy Gut Support improves digestion and absorption while minimizing unwanted toxins, microbes, or food particles from permeation

  • Supports barrier functioning of gastrointestinal (GI) lining

  • Helps to seal up permeability of the intestinal lining

  • Soothes GI discomfort

  • Great taste

  • Supports the integrity of the GI cell walls

The Science

The gastrointestinal (GI) lining of the digestive tract is made up of a layer of cells called the epithelium. This protective layer is responsible for allowing nutrients to be absorbed into the body as well as protecting against harmful toxins entering. This epithelium lining can be compromised by stress, overconsumption of alcohol, food intolerance, microbial imbalance, and poor nutrition commonly known as intestinal permeability. This affects the integrity of the protective barrier and can allow unwanted toxins, microbes or food particles to pass directly into the body leading to discomfort. L-glutamine is a primary source of fuel for cells of the small intestine and essential for tissue repair throughout the body, including a 4g dose in each serving that promotes the normal regeneration and protection of this cell barrier health and integrity.

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Scientific References

Gluten Free
Nut Free
Dairy Free
Egg Free

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Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Margarita M. (Marlton, NJ, US)
Feel good

Started using after completing the CBO protocol. Initially I thought it was causing gut problems but turned out to be the daily probiotic. Once I stopped taking the probiotic, haven't experienced any problems. Have only used for less than a month so it remains to be seen if it's effective. So far so good. We shall see....

Sam C. (Victor, ID, US)

Tastes like the marshmallows in lucky charms. Was sad when I no longer needed it after doing the CBO finisher.

Alina (Indio, CA, US)
Good so far!

Ending the CBO protocol with this supplement. Will see if it helps but the taste is good for sure :)

Cybill C. (Upland, CA, US)
helps keep my gut healthy

I love having the extra gut support, and it tastes great

Erin S.
Must have after a protocol

Most functional medicine doctors have similar protocols. Most fail to seal the gut after doing protocols. I’m so thankful for this product to seal the gut after doing an h.pylori protocol