ParaPro Support

ParaPro Support

ParaPro Support is a targeted herbal supplement developed to help rebalance the gut microbiome. Botanical extracts from Mimosa pudica,black walnut hulls, and berberine bark extracts all feature prominently and have been studied for their microbial balancing activities. ParaPro Support provides synergistic botanical and herbal support to help rebalance the gut microbiome.

  • Provides microbial balancing botanicals
  • Provides beneficial antioxidants
  • Aids digestion

The EquiLife Advantage

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marisol M. (Miramar, FL, US)
My first protocol

This product is very easy to use and most importantly very effective. I am planning on doing it every year as Dr. Cabral suggests for wellness. I had no side effects and felt really good after completing it.

Joni L. (Toms River, NJ, US)
A must!

A must for anyone even suspecting they have paraxxx. It's very effective and I recommend it to my clients.

S (Middletown, NJ, US)
Doesn’t hurt my stomach

Usually every thing hurts my stomach. No pain, burping, indigestion, gas, bloating or diarrhea. So pain free I’m hoping it’s working!

V.S. (Temple, TX, US)
Game changer...

I used this as part of the Parasite Protocol and can honestly say it was a game changer. I didn't actually notice any parasites but felt so much better during and after the protocol. I used to suffer from constipation and I've had very regular, consistent BMs since.

Greg M. (Charleston, SC, US)
Life Changing Protocol

I have been dealing with gut issues for years and could not get any relief, no matter what I tried. I decided to do the Parasite Protocol after listening to a podcast from Dr. Cabral and determining that I have a lot of the symptoms of a parasite. I did not complete the Parasite at-home test because I was pretty certain I had Parasites based on the symptoms mentioned. Not even a week into the protocol, I began to see real results and feel so much better. My gas, bloating, and discomfort was significantly improved and by the end of the protocol, I felt a world of difference. Highly Recommend