FM Zinc

FM Zinc

Maintaining levels of the important mineral Zinc can be difficult, as the body has no mechanism for storage. Supplementing with this highly-bioavailable formation of Zinc boosts immune function, improves metabolism, aids in digestion, and gut function.

  • Critical trace mineral for optimal health and function
  • An excellent source of high-quality elemental zinc

  • Formulated with picolinic acid for efficient absorption

  • Trusted immune booster

  • Helps the body produce over 100 enzymes

The Science

Zinc plays a crucial role in boosting immune function, maintaining healthy tissue growth, and increasing the antioxidant reserves that protect the body from free radicals. Zinc is a critical trace mineral involved in the activity of over 100 enzymes and supports protein synthesis, tissue growth, DNA synthesis, and cell division. Despite its importance, the body does not have a specialized zinc storage mechanism and must be obtained through the diet or supplementation to ensure adequate levels are maintained.

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Scientific References

Gluten Free
Nut Free
Dairy Free
Egg Free

The EquiLife Advantage

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Review of FM Zinc

Since the pandemic started, I have been using Quercetin and zinc daily. I like this supplement because it is so close with minimal additives.

FM Zinc

So far, I believe it’s working. Too soon to know if it’s doing it’s job. I purchased this along with collagen to help heal my stomach lining and help with my sleep quality. I completed trust all of Dr Cabral’s products. Thank you!

Love the quality!

I've been taking many of the supplements from Equilibrium and love them. I feel so different from the inside out. It's like someone turned a switch on. My energy levels and sleep quality have improved greatly. I've been taking the Zinc now in addition to others for over a month and continue to see improvements. Love these products!

Great, quality zinc product

Very quality form, very clean, from a company I trust!

FM Zinc

I notice a difference For the good in my daily wellbeing when I take the zinc tablet.