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If you’ve arrived here, chances are you’ve been on an ongoing journey to lose weight and keep it off. And thankfully, making the choice to purchase Fatlossity™ 24X means you’re ready for real results!

Get Ready for a Full Body Transformation

As you know, there’s always the latest and greatest fat loss product on the market that promises to shred pounds instantly -- but come the next week, or news cycle and you never hear about them again.

And that’s because other products don’t address weight loss at the root cause.

Our groundbreaking, 24 hour, DAY & NIGHT weight loss formula is not what you’re used to. That’s because we’ve combined the best of ancient healing practices with well-researched science to address the top 5 underlying metabolic disturbances that are preventing you from losing weight.

If you do nothing else, these powerful products WILL provide amazing results, but we encourage you to take it one step further with our free online course.

Go Further with Our Free Online Course

Round out your fat burning routine with insight directly from Dr. Cabral that will give you that extra boost to lose weight at an increased rate and maintain your results.

In the course you will learn:

  • The truth about why you haven’t been able to lose weight and keep it off in the past
  • Why and how the FatlossitySystem was created
  • How ancient herbal and modern science-based ingredients produce effective results
  • The 5 underlying imbalances Fatlossity™ addresses and supports
  • How to use Fatlossity™ in combination with regular detox
  • Our exclusive diet and exercise recommendations for accelerated fat loss
  • How to get ongoing support in our community and share your success with others

Bonus Materials & More

Throughout the course, you will also receive exclusive content, guides and more that will reinforce and be an easy reference for everything you’re learning.

Course materials include:

  • Official Fatlossity™ Diet Plan
  • Fatlossity™ Exercise Plan (customize based on your fitness level)
  • Fatlossity™ Grocery Shopping List
  • Fatlossity™ Toxin Removal List
  • Fatlossity™ Quick-Start Cheat Sheet to accelerate results in 7 days

Ready to Maximize Your Fat Burning 24 Hours Per Day?

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We sincerely look forward to seeing your before & after success story soon!

Dr. Stephen Cabral & The EN Team

Fatlossity™ Customer Reviews

Larissa Ness

I'm super excited about Fatlossity! To have an all-natural supplement that actually supplies the body with the nutrients it needs to support healthy blood sugar, fat burning, sleep, a healthy stress response AND still maintain healthy hormones is an incredible combination. And to have access to support from a health coaching community along the way is just what we all need to help us stick to our goals!

Taylor Sappington

It's all about the presentation and this is one area Equilibrium did not disappoint. The packaging for the fatlossity program is sleek, the colors are visually appealing, and the layout of the education and support that goes along with it have a feel of exclusivity. The dosing is easy and versatile with the benefit of flexibility in assimilating this formulation into one's every day use EVEN with other protocols. My appetite is a wee bit suppressed (as a vata, high burner, and highly active person who already struggles with getting in enough calories THIS is not something I would want for a hard gainer - but it's good to recognize and for those that NEED it it's powerful!). The energy boost provided by the AM dose and the deep sleep supported by the PM dose have been felt immediately and I can see how simplistic but foundational changes are only going to contribute to long term benefit to the individual using this system. I am excited to see what the future holds for my body but am enjoying the process.

Pamela Greschock

I love, love the packaging! And I love that it’s a day and night formula. I’ve seen and used so many "fat loss" products and most are dangerous or simply don’t work. The caffeine in here is minimal and it gives you the other supporting herbs you need. I’m excited to see it work for myself and other clients who have had a hard time getting over plateaus.The package is seriously so nice and very modern, clean and professional.

Brea Estep

Absolutely love this product and truly put it to the test starting to use it over the holidays! I was a bit skeptical but despite a few extra cheat meals and missing workouts my weight stayed pretty consistent (which was my goal), and I felt amazing! My mood was improved, cravings and appetite decreased despite being surrounded by holiday snacks, even just two weeks in! I’m excited to see how well it works now that the holidays are over and I’m back to my routine! As a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and fitness center owner I’ve seen a hundreds of “weight loss” products that never live up to their claims or have so many artificial ingredients I would never recommend, let alone try them, but I will definitely be ordering Fatlossity again! Great ingredients, great product, great results!